Marketing Effectiveness: 9 Things that ALWAYS Work (Pt. 1)

This is Part One of a two-part series. Read Part Two here!

As of writing this, another recession is looming on the horizon, which, as we know, tends to stymie marketing effectiveness for a lot of companies in the U.S.

But recessions come and go. Some are more predictable than others. In either case, a recession doesn’t always mean you have to hit the pause button on your marketing activities.

From fostering personal connections to leveraging digital platforms, we will explore five proven marketing tactics that have consistently delivered results.

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4 Marketing Tactics that ALWAYS Work

Let’s take a look at five proven marketing tactics that have consistently delivered results, yes, even in a recession!

1) Building Connections Through Dinner Events

With how digitalized our business relationships have become, there is an enduring power in face-to-face interactions that cannot be replicated. It is in these personal connections that the true essence of relationships is nurtured.

One way we like to invest in our clients physically is by having periodic dinners with them, usually on an annual basis or whenever is convenient for both parties.

When you organize a dinner event, you have the opportunity to bring together a diverse group of individuals, including any of your long-standing customers and prospective clients who have shown interest in your offerings.

As the host, your focus should be on fostering an atmosphere conducive to genuine interaction and meaningful conversations. You’ll find that the a lot of your current customers will actually be the positive voices and guides that point people to starting to do business with you.

Encourage open dialogue and create opportunities for individuals to share their experiences to each other. In the end, try to center the conversation around their brand, not just focusing on your own or what you can do (or have done) for them. But of course, it’s perfectly fine to occasionally discuss non-work-related topics as well.

During these dinners, take the time to listen actively to your clients, understand their needs, and offer valuable insights when appropriate. Here are some techniques to help you actively listen:

  • Being fully present in the conversation
  • Showing interest by practicing good eye contact
  • Noticing (and using) non-verbal cues
  • Asking open-ended questions to encourage further responses
  • Paraphrasing and reflecting back what has been said
  • Listening to understand rather than to respond
  • Withholding judgment and advice

This level of trust and rapport becomes the foundation upon which lasting business relationships are built.

2) Embracing Social Platforms for Maximum Reach

When other marketing channels might seem too expensive, or the ROI from your inputs don’t seem to be paying off, you should reevaluate your organic social media efforts and look for ways to saturate your brand onto social media even more.

One effective approach for maximizing your presence on social media is to produce live content on multiple platforms in tandem. We can recommend Wirecast, which is a live video streaming production software. You can effectually “re-stream” your content across various social channels at the same time, expanding your reach and attracting a wider audience.

The most popular social media platforms where people purchased products during a live streaming event are:


This simultaneous multi-platform approach allows you to tap into the diverse user bases of different social media platforms, ensuring that your message resonates with a larger demographic.

The advantages of embracing social platforms go beyond mere reach and visibility. Engaging with your audience through live videos enables you to foster a sense of authenticity and real-time connection. It humanizes your brand, making it more relatable and approachable to potential customers.

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3) Community Building for Long-Term Engagement

Building a thriving online community is a valuable strategy for fostering long-term engagement and customer retention. While hosting dinners is an effective approach, it’s equally important to focus on cultivating a sense of belonging and connection among your audience through community-building initiatives.

To initiate community building, start by organizing smaller events such as happy hours or casual gatherings. These intimate settings provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together, forge connections, and exchange valuable insights and experiences.

As your community begins to flourish, it’s crucial to scale up your efforts. Consider expanding from smaller events to organizing small conferences or workshops.

These occasions offer a more structured platform for attendees to engage in meaningful discussions, learn from industry experts, and form deeper connections. The value from these community events not only enhances participants’ knowledge but also reinforces their loyalty to your brand.


Eventually, you can aspire to host larger industry-specific events that attract a broader audience. These gatherings serve as a focal point for professionals within your niche to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate.

The essence of community building lies in fostering a shared sense of identity and purpose. As participants interact and engage with one another, their affinity for your brand deepens, and they become more likely to advocate for your products or services.

It’s essential to:

  • Maintain regular communication and engagement with your community members beyond the events themselves.
  • Use social media groups, forums or dedicated online platforms to facilitate ongoing discussions and knowledge sharing.
  • Encourage active participation, seek feedback, and provide valuable resources and support.

Remember that community building is not solely about promoting your brand or products. It is about fostering genuine connections and providing value to your audience.

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4) Engaging Your Audience Through Short Webinars

While there may be a misconception that webinars have lost their effectiveness, the truth is that they can still be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Short webinars in particular, spanning anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, have emerged as a valuable way to engage your audience.

The key to successful short webinars lies in delivering valuable content asynchronously. Rather than solely using webinars as a sales pitch, prioritize offering actionable takeaways and practical knowledge that your audience can immediately apply to their own endeavors.

One of the advantages of short webinars is their ability to capture and hold the attention of busy individuals with dwindling attention spans. This approach also allows for greater flexibility in terms of content production and distribution, as you can pre-record the webinars and share them across various channels at your convenience.

To maximize the attendance of your short webinars, regularly share them with your email list and target audience. Consistency is key, so consider establishing a schedule, whether it’s once a week or monthly, to maintain a steady stream of valuable content:


Furthermore, short webinars serve as a valuable means of nurturing relationships with your audience. Over time, as your audience consistently receives high-quality content from your webinars, they will begin to view you as a thought leader in your industry.

Final Thoughts on Our Top Marketing Effectiveness Tips

Marketing effectiveness lies in combining time-tested strategies with modern tactics tailored to your business. Even when business is slow, there are momentum-building things you can do to keep relationships thriving and amped up for the future.

Remember, building and maintaining connections are key to riding out lull periods. The first line of defense with all of your relationships has to be a strong sense of connection and unification of goals.

This is Part One of a two-part series. Read Part Two here!

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