ChatGPT Marketing: Creative Ways to Up Your AI Game

OpenAI’s GPT models have been around for a little while now, but ever since the start of 2023, the version we know currently as ChatGPT took the world by storm, permeating practically every industry in some capacity.

Pretty much, if it involves anything lingual, ChatGPT has a place in it. For marketers, this tool can be the birthplace of ideas and rough drafts for content.

In this article, we will explore creative types of ChatGPT marketing and the ways you can use the tool to upscale your marketing activities moving forward.

With that said, let’s get cracking!

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4 Types of ChatGPT Marketing

Here are a few ways to incorporate ChatGPT into your AI marketing strategy.

1) Conversational AI in Marketing

ChatGPT serves as a versatile chatbot capable of engaging in dynamic conversations with customers.

What sets it apart from traditional chatbots is its dynamic responses, which go beyond simple pre-programmed answers, like this:

Examply chatbot

ChatGPT’s responses are designed to mimic human-like conversations, offering a personalized touch that resonates with your audience. This human-like element creates a sense of connection and trust, making your interactions more engaging and impactful:

ChatGPT conversation demonstrating that it is more human-like than chatbots

What’s remarkable about ChatGPT is that it accomplishes all this without the need for continuous human intervention. While human oversight is essential, ChatGPT’s autonomous nature enables it to handle routine inquiries and support tasks, freeing up valuable human resources for more complex and strategic endeavors.

One of the significant advantages of ChatGPT is its ability to optimize customer support. With ChatGPT handling customer inquiries, you can provide instant assistance 24/7, eliminating the need for customers to wait for a human representative. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also streamlines your support processes, allowing you to efficiently handle a high volume of inquiries.

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2) Content Ideas and Development

Generating content ideas and structuring them can be time-consuming, but AI tools come to the rescue.

For instance, you can have ChatGPT assist in content creation processes:

From writing scripts for YouTube videos to brainstorming social media post ideas to creating keyword lists, ChatGPT offers a versatile toolbox of solutions:

ChatGPT keyword table

It’s able to generate creative and engaging content ideas, saving marketers time and effort while providing them with a solid starting point for their content creation endeavors.

Here are some specific ways ChatGPT can help marketers in generating content ideas:

  • YouTube Script Writing: Marketers can leverage ChatGPT to generate scripts for their YouTube videos, ensuring that they have a well-structured and engaging outline to work from.
  • Social Media Post Ideas: ChatGPT can assist in brainstorming social media post ideas, helping marketers come up with compelling and relevant content to engage their audience across various platforms, including Twitter threads and LinkedIn posts, like this one:

ChatGPT LinkedIn post

  • Podcast Concepts: For marketers venturing into podcasting, ChatGPT can be a valuable resource for generating podcast concepts and episode ideas, ensuring an ongoing stream of interesting and informative content.
  • Blog Article Topics: ChatGPT’s AI capabilities can be utilized to generate blog article topics, providing marketers with a range of ideas to explore and write about, catering to their target audience’s interests.
  • Email Templates: Marketers can rely on ChatGPT to generate email templates, whether it’s for sales, newsletters, or customer engagement, helping them craft effective and personalized messages.

ChatGPT conveniently eliminates a lot of the tedium that marketers used to have to face. Now, the preliminary stages of content development can be handled by ChatGPT, leaving the real content development to the expert. This enables marketers and business owners to focus their creativity and expertise on refining and enhancing the content, resulting in compelling marketing materials.

The list above is, of course, just a short sample of the ways you can use ChatGPT for your marketing:


There are hundreds of great marketing prompts out there which marketers are currently using to maximize the mileage of ChatGPT for their content and marketing output:

ChatGPT marketing prompts table of contents

A word of caution, however. It can be easy to fall into the trap of letting ChatGPT do all of the work and hitting the send or publish button. This is almost never a good idea, as the software hasn’t yet reached a point of true elegance comparable to human-made content. That’s where your input is still wholly necessary.

Be willing to let ChatGPT get you 60% or 70% of the way there and then take over the reins yourself. You’ll find you’ll be able to produce a lot more quality-rich content if you take the added bit of time to refine the material that ChatGPT gives you.

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3) Enhancing User Experience Through Landing Pages

Creating visually appealing landing pages is crucial for capturing the attention of visitors and boosting conversions.

A well-designed landing page not only grabs the user’s attention but also communicates the brand’s message effectively and encourages them to take action. With the assistance of ChatGPT, businesses can elevate their landing page design to new heights, ensuring a seamless user experience (UX) and an engaging user interface (UI).

ChatGPT’s creative suggestions can save businesses significant amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on professional designers. You can give ChatGPT prompts that ask for specific design element recommendations for whatever features of your landing page you need help with:


The results are often stunning landing pages that capture the essence of your brand and leave a lasting impression on your site visitors. If you’re more technical-minded, you can take it a step further and use ChatGPT to build your landing page:

The impact of a well-designed landing page goes beyond aesthetics. It directly influences user experience, which plays a vital role in driving conversions. A visually appealing and user-friendly landing page can improve engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase the likelihood of visitors taking the desired action, such as making a purchase or submitting a lead form.

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4) Leveraging Proprietary Data

Businesses with access to substantial amounts of proprietary data have a unique advantage when it comes to gaining insights and optimizing their marketing strategies.

By integrating ChatGPT with their datasets, businesses can unlock valuable information and make data-driven decisions to enhance their marketing efforts:


One powerful integration is connecting ChatGPT with Google Analytics, a widely used web analytics platform, which you can do with a ChatGPT plugin (if you have the Plus/GPT-4 version):

ChatGPT plugin store connect Google Analtyics

By combining the capabilities of ChatGPT with the rich data provided by Google Analytics, businesses can extract relevant information about their website’s performance and gain deep insights into user behavior.

With ChatGPT’s assistance, you can analyze conversion rates to understand how effectively your website is driving desired actions, such as purchases or form submissions. By identifying areas of improvement, you can optimize your marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and drive better results.

Additionally, integrating ChatGPT with Google Analytics allows you to identify seasonal trends in your website’s traffic and performance. By analyzing historical data and patterns, you can uncover insights into when your website experiences peak periods of activity, allowing you to plan targeted marketing campaigns and capitalize on seasonal opportunities.

Furthermore, ChatGPT can help pinpoint optimization opportunities within your marketing strategies. These insights can range from optimizing landing pages and improving site navigation to refining call-to-action placements and streamlining the conversion funnel.

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Final Thoughts on Chat GPT Marketing

ChatGPT presents practically endless possibilities for businesses aiming to optimize their marketing efforts. If you introduce this AI-powered assistant into your marketing suite, you’ll quickly find that your content is cleaner and more consistently generated.

Moreover, the integration of your brand’s own data with ChatGPT can open the door to hugely valuable insights that can drive growth and help you make future strategic decisions.

Remember, the key to effectively leveraging ChatGPT for marketing lies in understanding its capabilities and finding innovative ways to apply them to your specific business needs.

By incorporating conversational AI, automating appreciation notes, streamlining content creation, designing captivating landing pages, and extracting insights from proprietary data, you can unlock the true potential of ChatGPT and achieve marketing success.

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