The Reason that SEO Loves Content

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Every SEO, when doing an initial evaluation, loves when he or she comes across great content. Sometimes, websites have other minor errors that prevent them from getting ranked well in the engines, but generally, one of the main things they lack is great, relevant content.

Content isn’t as simple as writing stuff on the page. Content means creating excellent, relevant writing that shows keyword relevancy to the engines, increases usability to its users, and offers “link bait”, content worthy enough to draw links from people that visit the website.
The reason SEOs love this so much is often times, the first look at a client's website is met with many of the following negative content qualities:

  • Empty Product Pages: For e-commerce sites with pages upon pages of products to sell, increasing the relevancy on page with as little as a two-sentence blurb can help the rankings. Often times they will only include some specs, no information, and maybe a H1 or H2 tag with bad keyword placement.
  • Poorly Structured Content Blurbs: A lot of times the page will have writing on the website, but it won’t have strong enough keyword density to show true relevancy to the engines. Or, the content will have grammatical errors, increasing spam qualities and lowering usability.
  • Low-Quality Content: Even if the pages have content with natural and strong keyword placement, sometimes the overall quality of the site is not up to par and not capable of drawing exterior links, naturally. Sometimes this has to do with industry, but other times the website just doesn’t have enough content that people would find interesting and worth linking to.

When websites lack any, two or all three of these qualities, it takes additional time to refine the website, write additional copy, and upload it to the website. With a lot of this comes downtime as one person in the chain waits for another person to approve and complete the task. The longer this takes, the longer it takes to get good rankings for the desired keywords.

SEOs love when websites come with all three of these qualities attached. When they are, great rankings are only a good link building campaign away.

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