5 Books that Every SEO Should Read

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Search Engine Optimization, and internet marketing in general, is a strange beast. Due to the hyper-connectivity of its infrastructure, it is evolving quicker than print can catch up. Because of this, accurate paper books on the subject are few and far between, and as such, there are few paperbacks that SEOs can take on their camping trips and beach visits to indulge in some off-hour learning.

While few directly targeted SEO books exist, there are several other around or near the profession that will broaden and intensify every SEO’s skill set, whether it’s away from the computer or on it.

5. Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Chris Brogan and Julian Smith’s novel on how to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust is a must for every marketing professional. The duo provides many quick, actionable tasks for the reader to immediately improve their business and/or their own internet presence. For the average SEO, expanding beyond simple link building is becoming more and more important. Building out a social network is a great, organic way to get links, and a necessary task moving forward.

As Google evolves, many believe that the search giant will find ways to incorporate the web’s social graphs into its algorithms, making getting a head start into the social world vital for any SEO’s career.

4. The Dip by Seth Godin

Seth offers vital advice for life in what is my favorite book of the renowned marketer.  Pulling the covers over one of the world’s most established clichés, Seth suggests that “winners do quit, and quitters do win.” By supplying strong. stringent details on when you should quit a job and when you should stay put, Godin supplies advice that will put you in position to maximize your career potential.

His theories don’t apply only to your career, either, as his “Dip” philosophy can be applied to several other areas of your life, saving you precious hours and making you cognizant that a “Dip” is soon to come.  Godin will let you know what to expect and what to do about the incoming slouch in the road.

3. Rework by 37Signals’ Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanson

37Signals speed read is an informative book that serves both as an informative text on productivity and business, as well as a means of motivation. SEOs can benefit from its business essays like “ASAP is poision”, “Embrace constraints”, and “Interruption is the enemy of productivity”, amongst many others.

This quickly read book will undoubtedly give you a push into the next few weeks, generate a creative spark, and offer a clear path to improving your SEO processes and business in general.

2. The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence by Tom Peters

Tom has decades of relevant business experience, and he packs a lot of it into this 507-page book. The book reads smoothly because of its dissection (163 tips), but it isn’t without content. There is a lot for SEOs to learn in terms of leadership, consistency, career development, and of course, excellence.

1. Linchpin by Seth Godin

Two Seth Godin books on one list? There’s a reason why Godin is widely considered the greatest marketer in the world – it’s because he knows what he’s talking about. Linchpin dives into our current need to provide “emotional labor” in order to be irreplaceable. For SEOs, this means providing an irreplaceable “it” to our employers or clients.

Going the extra mile and offering constant process improvements are just two of the things Godin dives into in “Linchpin” that SEOs can utilize. Otherwise, the “Lizard Brain” and “shipping” are two additional tips that will make every SEO better, should they choose to utilize it.

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