Scoring Quality Links with Intense Link Bait

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Looking for an easy way to score inbound links to help your site's ranking and scoring on systems like Google PageRank? Who isn't, right? One of the easiest ways to grab more inbound links is by setting out some high-quality link bait for others to enjoy and gobble up.

If you're unsure of what link bait is, I'll try my best to sum it up on a high level. Link bait is the creation of content and clever titles that encourage others to link to you and your goods once they come across it.

Clever Titles

Writing clever titles to your posts are one good way to get people interested in what you have to say. Things like lists, open ended questions, or references to popular topics are all great ways to grab the attention of readers everywhere – regardless of how they come across your site.

Good Bait = Good Content

People love lists. From the top ten ways to lose weight while sitting at your desk to the top five things you should be doing with your site optimization plans, quality content is the driving force behind long term link bait.

Be Original

Your link bait will do nothing if it's just a regurgitated version of what someone else had released in the past. For starters, you're probably guilty of plagiarism. Beyond that, your content is newer and probably hits up a smaller audience. What good is that? You need to come up with original ideas that really hammer home something that compels readers to check into the full length article.

Use Media!

Videos, pod casts, images and diagrams are all wonderful ways to set the hook on your link bait efforts. Readers love to come across things that our out of the norm. If you're scanning through a dozen new topics on your RSS reader, what will make one stand out more than the next? – Quality media! A YouTube video for example is begging to be clicked upon when it's surrounded by boring text!

Remember, link bait is all about enticing readers to do something. Whether it is to comment or track back to your article, setting the bait out to your targeted audience is key. After a while, it's not uncommon to see variations from market to market with regards to how to set bait. In other words, what may work for affluent business owners may not at all work with stay at home moms. So, use that to your information and test what works best!

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