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No matter what type of website you run, conversions and conversion rate management should be a top priority for your business.  If you run an e-commerce website, your obvious goal will be to make more sales, but even if you’re simply generating leads or building brand awareness for your business, you’ll want to have a mechanism in place to help improve your conversions.

And since there’s already been so much great content written on this subject, we highly encourage you to check out any of the following posts, depending on where you and your business are in terms of conversion rate optimization.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The first step to improving your website’s conversion rates is simply to understand what conversion rates are, how they’re measured and what steps can be taken to optimize them.

Wikipedia – Conversion Optimization
SEOMoz – The Definitive How To Guide for Conversion Rate Optimization
ClickZ – Variations on a Theme: Making Measurable Website Changes

Getting Started with Conversion Rate Optimization

Once you’re comfortable with how conversion rates are measured and improved, check out the following guides on how to design and launch a conversion rate optimization program.

Search Engine Land – Conversion Optimization: Do This First
Search Engine Watch – The 5 Keys of Conversion Rate Optimization
ClickZ – The How, What and Why of Testing for Agile Marketers
SEOptimise – 30 Simple Ways of Improving Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate
Six Revisions – How to Increase Conversions on Any Website in 45 Minutes
Search Engine Land – Things to Consider Before Starting Your Next Conversion Rate Optimization Project

Analyzing Your Existing Conversion Rates and Strategies

As a part of your conversion rate optimization program, you’ll likely need to establish target metrics and define your site’s baseline measurements.  Here’s how to do it:

Search Engine Journal – Your Conversions are Falling, What Now?
CMSWire – Defining the Right Web Customer Experience Metrics
Avinash Kaushik – Your Web Metrics: Super Lame or Super Awesome?

Improving Conversion Rates

The following articles share some defined best practices for improving conversion rates on your website.  They’re a great place to start when determining how to begin your conversion rate optimization program.

Search Engine Journal – Applying Landing Page Best Practices to Boost Conversions
SocialTriggers – The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Blog Conversion Rates
ClickZ – Optimizing the Conversion Rate Optimization Process
Search Engine Journal – 7 Things You Can Do When Your Conversion Funnel Sucks

Split Testing and Tracking Procedures

Split testing – or the process of deploying multiple versions of a page or variable in order to determine which one performs the best – is a vital part of any conversion rate optimization program.  Check out the following articles for introduction to both A/B and multivariate split testing models, as well as helpful tips on determining which protocol is right for your site and objectives.

Six Revisions – An Introduction to Website Split Testing
Wider Funnel – A/B Split Testing vs. Multivariate: Pros & Cons
Smashing Magazine – Multivariate Testing 101: A Scientific Method of Optimizing Design
CopyBlogger – Why Split Testing is Like Sex in High School
Search Engine Land – Six Deadly Mistakes of Website Testing and Tuning
Search Engine Watch – The Tests You Want or the Tests You Need?

Conversion Rate Optimization and Design

Good design doesn’t just make your website look pretty – the design elements you choose and the way you lay out your pages can play a significant role in how well your site converts.

Unbounce – How Messaging and Design Affect Conversion Rates [Infographic]
SEOptimise – 12 Indispensable Readability Measures to Increase Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization and Social Media

Just because social media participation is notoriously difficult to quantify and track doesn’t mean that it should be left out of your conversion rate optimization plan.  The following articles will show you the “how, where and why” of measuring social media conversions and ROI.

Social Media Examiner – How to Measure Social Media Marketing Performance
Unbounce – Measuring Social Media ROI and Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5

E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

As an ecommerce seller, conversion rates are of the utmost importance to your business’s success, so be sure to take a look at the following articles on ecommerce best practices for optimizing sales and conversions.

Vendable – 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Ecommerce Websites
Web Solutions – Ecommerce Best Practice Guide and Checklist to Improve Conversions
Spyre Studios – 10 Steps to a More Usable Ecommerce Website

Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO

Improving conversion rates doesn’t have to come at the expense of your site’s SEO.  The following articles will show you how to balance these sometimes competing concerns in a way that allows your site to thrive.

Distilled – Conversion Rate Optimization for SEO
The Fire Horse Trail – SEO Benchmarks and KPI
LoveClients – Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and How it Relates to SEO and Retargeting
Outspoken Media – CRO: The Partridge in Your SEO Tree

Improving PPC Conversion Rates

Considering that every click that doesn’t result in a conversion costs you money when it comes to PPC ads, improving your conversion rates in your paid advertising campaigns is a “must-do”.  Here’s how to do it:

PPCHero – Increase Conversion Rates with Minimal Effort, Time and Money
WilsonWeb – 12 Ways to Improve PPC Landing Page Conversion Rates
Search Engine Watch – Using Conversion Funnels to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

Want to see some concrete examples of how people have improved their sales and conversions through the process of conversion rate optimization?  Check out any of the following case studies for some highly actionable advice.

SEOMoz – Lessons Learned from 21 Case Studies on Conversion Rate Optimization
SEOROI – Mobile Usability Case Study and Conversion Rate Optimization
Unbounce – [Case Study] Using Video to Lift Landing Page Conversion Rate by 100%
Wider Funnel – Conversion Rate Case Studies
Conversion Rate Experts – How We Made $1 Million for SEOMoz

Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

After you’ve run a few split tests and seen a modest improvement in your conversion rates, it’s time to take things to the next level with the following advanced conversion rate optimization techniques:

Six Revisions – Google Analytics In Depth: Goals and Funnels
Search Engine Land – 4 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates without Testing
Analytics Impact – The 3 Levels of Conversion Rate Optimization Maturity

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Working with the right tools plays a vital role in the success of your conversion rate optimization campaign.  If you choose the wrong tools, you’ll wind up wasting time pursuing unusable data.  Check out the following resources for our recommended conversion rate optimization tools:

Google – Google Analytics
Google – Google Website Optimizer
Conversion Rates – 55 Google Website Optimizer Tips and Tricks
WhichMVT – The Ultimate Multivariate Testing Tool Comparison
Spyre Studios – 20 Fantastic Usability & Conversion Analysis Tools

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