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Eric Siu: All right, so today we're going to talk about what I learned from interviewing over 300 interviews on my podcast Growth Everywhere. My name is Eric Siu. I'm the CEO of a digital marketing agency called Single Grain and the co-host of the Marketing School podcast and the host of the entrepreneurial podcast Growth Everywhere.
Over the course of four years I've been doing the entrepreneurial interview podcast for quite a while and I've just learned over time kind of what makes entrepreneurs tick in general and what makes a difference between ones that succeed and the ones that don't succeed. By far the number one tip that I get from people, the number one trend that I see kind of learning about their struggles, where they succeeded, where they failed is easy. The number one thing is persistence. If you think about it, if you think about Albert Einstein, I mean what he said was the secret isn't that he's smarter than people. It's just that he sticks with problems longer. That's the number one thing. When I think about the things that work well for me, it's not that I'm particularly smarter or more talented than anybody. I just stick with it and I keep going. That's the number one thing that I've learned. So persistence is number one.
Now number two is entrepreneurs never ever stop learning. The people that you consider successful, look at it, Elon Musk doesn't stop learning. Fact of the matter is you look at SpaceX, guess where he learned rocket science from? He learned it from books and thinking about it in the shower. That's where he learned this stuff from. He thinks about all these different things. It's not because he learned it in college or whatever, it's because he learned it afterwards. If I think about the things that I've learned after college, everything I've learned around digital marketing, around technology, around startups, around business, it's all after college. Warren Buffett spends five hours a day or more reading. What are you doing to get better all the time? You got persistence, and you got constant learning.
Number three is resourcefulness. Even if you don't have cash, you're going to make something happen. Even if you don't have the connections, you're going to make something happen. You're going to reach out to the right people. You're going to be persistent about things. You're going to stick with things. Again, you're going to stick with things longer, but also at the same time you are going to know how to make the most of, okay, friends and family, you're going to learn to make the most of whatever network that you have, which brings me to the next point, point number four.
Point number four is they know how to hang out with people that are just as good or even better than them. People coined the term networking. They think it's such a negative term. I like to say build relationships. A lot of entrepreneurs, they're good at building relationships. In fact, the most successful ones that I know really good at cultivating relationships, they're good at building up these relationships that turn into friendships at the end of the day. In the past I've always talked about different entrepreneur groups and I'll talk about it in the future all the time, they're good at building relationships, they're good at connecting with like minded people.
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