The 3 marketing mistakes that are crushing your business

Running a business is hard, and there are plenty of beginner business pitfalls to avoid. What business marketing advice should you be listening to? One of the top small business mistakes people make is trying to too many things. In this video we take a look at the best marketing strategies 2018 and how to increase brand awareness naturally. Channel your entrepreneur mindset with this marketing tutorial and stop making costly business mistakes.


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric: In this video, I'm going to talk about the three marketing mistakes that are absolutely crushing your business.
So number one. It's trying to do too many things at once. You know why? In today's day and age there's so much stuff you can do around marketing, right? Oh, I want to do a podcast, I want to do email marketing, I want to do Facebook ads, I want to do Google AdWords, I want to do YouTube ads, I want to do podcast advertising, I want to do Spotify ads. There's so much things you can do, right? So, you gotta focus in on maybe one or two channels max in the very beginning, right? If you try to do too many things at once, you're going to be resource constraint, it's just like trying to start too many businesses at once. Doesn't work that way. Let's say your budget is $10,000, whatever your budget is, you can't stretch it out over 20 different things. Try to focus it in, collect as much data as you can and then move forward to the next thing, once you have one thing humming and moving along.
Number two, is not being consistent. My podcast Growth Everywhere, the very first podcast I did. After the first year I was only getting nine downloads a day. I was spending six hours a week, and I was saving my company at the same time. Editing this stuff, interviewing people, writing the show notes as well, and I stuck thorough it for the first year. Six downloads a day, because I knew people were emailing me, telling me how much they liked it, right? Now the second year, kept going. Was only getting 30 downloads a day after the first year, right? We got a problem. But you know what? I stuck through it because I knew people liked the content and nowadays we get up to 100,000 downloads a month. And this podcast led to my other podcast, which gets over half a million downloads a month. You gotta stay consistent with things. This podcast example applies for everything else. It applies to business, it applies to life, it applies to whatever marketing challenge that you're trying to hit. You gotta be consistent.
Number three, is giving up too quickly. This ties in kind of with being consistent, but here's the thing, a lot of companies that come to us at Single Grain, for marketing help, they come to us and say, "Oh you know what, we got this $5,000 budget and that's all we got to test." But you know what, that's not how it works. You can't give up too quickly. If you see the numbers improving and their trending in the right direction, and you think you have something, you can't give up too quickly. You gotta pour in more time, you gotta pour in more effort. You can't just arbitrarily say you're going to cut it off at this amount. Let's say you're raising a child for example, this is an extreme example, right? You're raising a child, you're not just going to give up at year five because you don't think they're picking things up quickly. You're going to continue to invest, right? It is your child. It's your child, right?
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