The 2 Minute Guide to Hiring an Exceptional Sales Team

When it comes to hiring a sales team, it's critical that you attract the best. If you bring in corner cutters to your team, it will not only give you low performance results but can effect the entire moral of your team. Save yourself the hassle of making the wrong hiring decision through putting this video's sales hiring strategies into action.
How do you get the best sales team? In this sales tutorial, Eric Siu shares his top practices for hiring.

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, I'm gonna give you the two minute guide to hiring an exceptional sales team because we need to grow our business, right? By the way, if you like growing your business, and you like videos like this just hit subscribe.
First things first is, when you think about hiring sales people they're very different people. What I like to do ... I got this from when I used to read I think, The Ultimate Sales Machine by the late Chet Holmes; read that book.
The second thing I recommend reading is The Sales Acceleration Formula, which is by Mark Roberge from HubSpot; helped him go from zero to a hundred million.
You gotta ask them to sell you when you're interviewing with them. So, when you're talking with them ask them to sell you. The number one thing I'm looking for when I'm talking to sales people is how coachable they are, 'cause they're coming into your system they need to know how your system works. But, they need to be able to listen, they need to be coachable.
If you ask them to sell, you coach them and they listen, great, on to the next step. If they cannot sell, or they can't change based on kind of the feedback you've given, probably not the right fit.
What I also recommend is Objective Management Group, this sales assessment has been a game changer for us. You can pay them a certain amount of money ... I think we paid $2,500 for a certain amount.
Then, they tailor the test based on kind of what you're looking for. So, we're looking for consultative sales people, and they're scored at a certain way, and it's been accurate every single time for us.
Now, the final thing I'll say for this two minute guide is, would you admire this person? Would you work for this person? I think that's really important 'cause we're looking to hire leaders, we're looking to hire smart people on our team, and that's basically the two minute guide.
So, if you like videos like this, you wanna grow your sales team, you wanna grow your business, just hit subscribe and we'll see you in the next one.

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