How mentors can help you grow exponentially – VLOG #01

Drinking your own Kool-Aid will only get you so far. Join Eric and his team on this business vlog with this week's focus on recruiting top talent. Watch & get insights on how to network with...

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Eric Siu: Oh, today is a big day. We're bringing in a potential editor in chief. That's what's going on. He's coming in for a second interview 3.00-4.30 pm and yeah, recruiting's number one, right? Right, Dan?

Dan: What?

Eric Siu: Recruiting's number one. Number one.
Hey guys. No, but seriously, hey. My name's Eric Siu and this is Frankie and we are shooting Vlogs in this office and that office that you can't see cause there's a wall and you're gonna learn about marketing, entrepreneurship, productivity and how to have a cool dog.
-tell you about really quick is the concept of hiring great people, right? Cause we also always talk about sales so much, we talk about marketing so much, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is hiring, right? Let me give you an example. So, I'm in this group, this entrepreneurs group, and I've been in there for a couple years and what I learned was ... Well, when I joined with this guy, he was earning about three million dollars a year in revenue and now, I saw him a couple weeks ago, he's doing 22 million dollars a year in revenue and I asked him, "Hey, spill the beans. What's the secret?" And he said, "The number one thing I did, Eric, was I hired great people and I got out of their way."

Speaker 3: I'm doing recruitment as well. Editor in Chief.

Dan: Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. It's the worst product you can ever buy. People. Cause finding them is funny and unpredictable and crazy as well so it's actually pretty tricky.

Speaker 4: I'd like to thank everyone, everyone on the team for helping me with this championship.
I'm working on the client [inaudible 00:01:52], which is B2B Client, and we're building our LinkedIn ads for them.

Eric Siu: So, it pushes up to a sequence of five emails and there's like expiration. This price is gonna go up so the expiration is the price that'll continue to go up. So, $40.99 for the first 25 and that's gonna keep increasing.

Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:02:16] converted decency the first time so I think the offer's fine.

Eric Siu: Okay.

Speaker 3: You definitely don't wanna record this.
It's not natural if I do it again.
Wrapping up the day over here. Today was a day where at lunch, I met with my mentor who's the president at JBL, and this group called Entrepreneurs Organization and they actually assign you mentors. So, my mentor is a guy that was the president of JBL Speaker. I just tell him what's going on in my world, he tells me what's going on in his world, I can make some introductions to him, he makes some introductions to me. I think it's super helpful to have a mentor. It's super helpful to do these dinners and just meet with people otherwise you're kind of stuck in your own world and you're just drinking your own Kool-Aid all the time. So, it's good to have perspective and then people can kind of ... It gives you ideas, too.
Yeah, that was great. Got a lot of takeaways on what to do. Recruiting's top of mind right now and I have a dinner tonight with a bunch of entrepreneurs that I'm going to.
We met with a group called The Founders Organization and you basically get to meet people and you learn about what they do and what their biggest struggle is. It's actually you know what? You actually aren't able to share business cards and you cannot have your phone out. They actually take your phone and put it in a box, you have to turn it off. So, it's just about connecting with people instead of saying, "Oh, let's network. Let's try to do business with each other." The cool thing about these dinners is that, with The Founders Organization, they're very deliberate. They actually schedule an email that goes out and then what happens is while you're at the dinner, the contact information shows up in your inbox and you can reach out to people after and figure out how to help them, right?
So, one person might say, my biggest struggle right now is hiring sales people, right? That's the thing that I said and somebody would be like, "Oh, you should check this out" or, "You should check this out." And then I talked to somebody else. He's running an influencer marketing company. I was like, "Oh, you should talk to this person." So, that's how you make connections, you help other people out and then they help you and then they'll [inaudible 00:04:13] other great things. So, that's what the dinner is and that's why I attend these dinners and that's why I throw these dinners because they're so helpful.
Recorded a bunch of videos. First day doing that so that's it for today. We're still running ads for the hiring course and got a bunch of stuff going on so share it with you later. So, take care. See you tomorrow.

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