Top 6 sales tools to win business without being sleazy

Navigating all the tools out there and trying to figure out which one is right for you can be an expensive and time consuming hassle! In this video we've rounded up the top 6 to help scale...

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Eric Siu: In this video, we're going to talk about six tools to help you sell better without being sleazy. My name's Eric Siu, and I'm here to help you grow your business. The first tool that we want to talk about is Outreach. Outreach is great because it allows you to set up sequences. It allows you to automatically follow up with people through email. You can set tasks for yourself. Basically what you need to do, you got to find a bunch of emails out there, load them into Outreach, make sure you scrubbed the list, and then Outreach is going to help you on an automated basis send out emails and is going to help you basically throttle the emails too, so you're not sending too many emails out per day, so you're not going to get filtered. That's why I like Outreach, because it just makes your sales process a lot more efficient.
Now, the second thing is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. What I like about LinkedIn Sales Navigator is, well, LinkedIn has a lot of data out there, and now it gives you the ability to see companies that are using certain technologies. If a site is using HubSpot, for example, which is a CRM, or they're using Marketo, for example, I can find those people, or I can find certain titles. I can find certain company sizes as well in terms of employee size and second-degree connections, people in groups, and things like that. I like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for that purpose.
The third thing that you want to be using tools-wise is Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup makes it easy for you to automatically visit people's profiles inside of LinkedIn, and you can collect their email address as well. If I want their personal email address, I can do it, or if I'm visiting certain people's profiles, it can automatically endorse them, or let's say I want to invite them to an event as well. People that are on my first-degree connections, it can send them an automatic message. Dux-Soup is relatively cheap for $15 a month, and it just makes your life easier when it comes to sales and recruiting as well, so that you can use it as a double tool.
Tool number four, I talked about having to find emails, so you can use a tool like FindThatLead or Find That Email. These are two different tools that will allow you to find emails out there. Basically, you can spec out kind of who you're looking for, and you get a list of emails. Scrub that list, load it into Outreach.
The fifth tool that I really like is Datanyze. What Datanyze does is, it scrapes the entire web, and you can see different technologies people are using. Their Alexa rank, their SEMrush rank, how much they're spending in terms of AdWords, what business they're in, what revenue size they are. It's basically scraped the entire web, and I can find more emails. Basically what I'll do is, it'll find a bunch of contacts, and then I'll search them on LinkedIn, and I'll combine it with Dux-Soup. I'll collect all those emails. I'll load it into Outreach. You can see the importance of having process set up with all these different tools. It's like a combo. Right? If you played any kind of fighting games like Killer Instinct, for example, when you're a kid, well, this is one of those combos that you want to set up to grow your business.
You have to make sure that you're organizing things through a CRM, so I like using Salesflare. Salesflare is really simple. It's like using a Trello. You're kind of dragging your contacts through each point from a lead to contacted to qualified, all the way to a sale. I like using it, because it's very lightweight. It's easy to use. Now, those of you out there that are using Salesforce, for example, I agree. Salesforce down the road, I mean, it has a lot of different integrations. It is very complex. You do want to make sure you're having the right person set it up, but if you're looking to start out, using a tool like Salesflare makes your life a lot easier. It's a lot easier to manage. You can use a tool like Salesflare, or you can use a tool like Pipedrive. If you enjoyed videos like this, we actually have an entire playlist on how to sell without being sleazy, so just click on the link, and we will see you in the next video.

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