7 Unusual Marketing Tools That’ll Help You Grow | Ep. #588

In episode #588, Eric and Neil discuss marketing tools that can help you grow your business. Tune in to hear which tools Eric and Neil swear by.


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: 7 Unusual Marketing Tools That’ll Help You Grow
  • [00:37] Tool #1: Frame.io is a cool tool that allows you to leave feedback on videos to help push them through the creation process.
  • [01:17] Tool #2: Zapier helps automate a lot of your marketing apps. It can connect with HubSpot or Drip.
  • [01:50] Your marketing team doesn’t have to create systems to organize their output, because Zapier does it for you.
  • [02:00] Tool #3: TubeBuddy allows you to AB test different thumbnails, schedule things ahead of time, and see which tags are viable for your YouTube videos.
  • [02:15] It can also show you how other channels are doing in comparison to yours.
  • [02:27] Tool #4: Full Story allows you to do user recordings “on steroids”.
  • [03:00] Tool #5: Front is a collaborative email inbox.
  • [03:15] You can assign emails to other people and make it available to them.
  • [03:30] It also syncs with Base.
  • [03:52] Tool #6: Clearbit helps you to connect with a lot of existing tools like Drip. It lets you know important background info on email and chat identities, so you know who the viable customers are.
  • [04:44] Tool #7: Snip.ly lets you take posts and overlay your offer or content.
  • [05:25] It helps to re-target people.
  • [05:47] That’s it for today!
  • [05:53] Go to Singlegrain.com/Giveway for a special marketing tool giveaway!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we're going to talk about seven unusual marketing tools that will help you grow. The first tool that I will mention is Frame.io, so Frame.io is really cool because it basically allows you to ... When you think about your content process, people are giving feedback at each flow. So video has been on my mind a lot. Neil is doing a lot of video, I'm doing a lot of video too.
People are really talking about tools that will help you with the workflow. I use Frame.io to basically leave comments or leave feedback on video so we can push it through the process. There hasn't been something like this for a while, I've been looking for something like this. So it's kind of fresh for me, top of mind, so I thought I mention that first.

Neil Patel: When you start using frame?

Eric Siu: Couple weeks ago.

Neil Patel: I should've known of, I'm using them for a long time.

Eric Siu: Oh yeah, I just learned about it.

Neil Patel: Yeah, they're great. The next tool we have for you is Zapier. You're going to be using a lot of different social channels, you're going to do a lot of content repurposing. Zapier can help automate a lot of this, they can connect all your marketing apps together so that way when you send out or do a blog post it can connect with HubSpot and send out an email blast or drip or whatever other solution you're using, or when you get a new lead into HubSpot you can end up using Zapier and passing that information over into one of your other tools like Salesforce or whatever it may be.
It helps connect everything together so that way your marketing team doesn't have to build technology to start making all these tools and apps work friendly with each other.

Eric Siu: All right. Number three is TubeBuddy, so sticking with the video theme. TubeBuddy is great because it allows us to AB test different thumbnails for example, it allows us to schedule things ahead of time, it allows us to see which tags are good, which aren't good. So TubeBuddy from a video perspective helps a lot. It also shows you how other channels are doing in comparison to yours, the growth rates over time, subscribers. All that kind of good stuff is basically a suite of video tools that's going to help you grow from a YouTube perspective.

Neil Patel: Number four, FullStory. This is more of a product tool than a marketing tool, but with FullStory you can do user recordings on steroids, in which it'll show you everyone who's going to your website and has clicked on like the free trial link or the checkout page but they didn't convert. It allows you to segment the videos based off of specific actions, which will then help you maximize your conversion rate or ROI, because then you know, "Hey, here are all the videos or user stories that I need to look at to maximize my sales."

Eric Siu: What number are we on?

Neil Patel: You were on number five.

Eric Siu: Number five, all right. Number five. This is also a tool we started using recently. This is actually a tool that's growing really quickly in the tech world. This is called Front. I really like front because it is basically collaborative e-mail inboxes, so if I saw Neil and if I got an email and then I wanted to delegate it over to Neil I can actually assign that one email even though it's in my personal inbox, I can assign it to Neil it becomes available to Neil and then we can also chat about it and collaborate on that email. I also think it's really good because the CRM we use is Base, it syncs with Base and Base doesn't have like a native kind of Gmail integration so it just makes our life a lot easier makes us move a lot faster from a marketing also from a sales perspective as well.
So you think about support, you think about sales, you think about marketing. It all moves much faster because a lot of us kind of live in our email inboxes and front makes it a lot easier.

Neil Patel: Number six, Clearbit, you're messaging a lot of people but do you really know who they are? Yes, you can go do a LinkedIn search and try to figure out their job title and take the time to do that, or you can just use Clearbit, and it connects with a lot of the tools you're already using. For example, if you're using Drift for chat Clearbit will tell you once they give you the email who they are, their job title, what they do and this will be like, "Oh cool, I just spend more time with this lead because there are potential customer and this is the decision-maker," or, "Hey you know what, based off the data I'm getting for Clearbit, this person really isn't qualified," because a lot of the lead that you'll get from a marketing perspective people will lie on things like budget or how much money they have to spend or how big their company is. And Clearbit will help you verify all of this in the automated way so that way you're not wasting time on the wrong leads.

Eric Siu: All right. Number seven, last but not the least, this is Sniply. I think we've talked about this in the past but I think it's good to bring back some tools sometimes so it's snip.ly. Check it out because if I'm sharing one of the Neil's articles on entrepreneurship or an entrepreneur.com I should say, I cannot pixel that ...
So let's say I'm driving Facebook traffic there, I want to be able to pixel those people first of all right so I can kind of re-target those people later, and I also want to show and offer. What I can do is, I can take his Entrepreneur Magazine post and then overlay my snip.ly kind of overlay on it, so I can put like my offer, so it could be like 29 Growth Hacks that will help you grow or whatever.
Then, basically when people visit that link my Facebook Pixel or whatever pixel could be a Google Pixel 2 will be there so I can re-target those people, and then I can have a little overlay that has a offer where people can type in their email address and then opt in to whatever I'm offering. That way, when I'm promoting other content when I shouldn't obviously you shouldn't just promote your stuff all the time, but when you're promoting other people's content you can actually cook collect some upside over there as well.
That's it for today. We have other tools we can talk about later, but we have tools that we're giving away too. If you go to Singlegrain.com/giveaway just go check it out and we'll see you tomorrow.

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