3 Ways To Increase RSS Subscribers

Increasing your RSS subscribers is pretty simple: write informative content, post on a regularly basis, and use proper tracking.

1. Informative Content

“The key to increasing traffic or increasing RSS subscribers is good content.” What exactly is good content? Let’s face it, not everyone can write well, the key is writing informatively. People now-a-days are information hungry… so feed their appetite. If you are a blogger that doesn’t have the best writing skills, but feel you have knowledge that would be helpful to others, you can write your information in list format. Keep writing and eventually you’ll become a better writer, practice makes perfect. Remember that although people are information hungry, they want to be able to access that information with ease. Therefore, the easier you make access to your information, the more people are likely to come back or subscribe to your blog.

2. Post Regularly
Writing daily would be the best, but not everyone has time to do so. Do a little planning and try to set aside time to write. If you are like me and don’t know when you’ll have time to write, then when you do have the time, write a few articles in one sitting. Do not post them all at once. Make it a habit to be consistent when you post. So if you post every other day at in the evening, then keep doing so. This way your readers know you didn’t abandon them. Remember…there are thousands of blogs that come and go, make sure your readers know you’re here to stay.

3. Tracking
Know yourself your audience. In the perfect world, you would know exactly who you are writing to before you write. However in reality, you only have a general idea of who your visitors are. This is why tracking is so important. You can know who your audience is with analytics software and who your RSS subscribers are with Feed Burner. Feed Burner gives you all the statistics of your subscribers and even allows you to optimize your feed. So now you know everything you could know about your visitors and subscribers except for how many you actually have. With Feed Burner you know how many subscribers, but if you are a WordPress user you may have more than it actually shows. Use the feedburner plugin and it will redirect all your feeds that WordPress automatically creates to your Feed Burner RSS feed. For the longest time I thought I had 12 subscribers, after I used this plugin it turned out it was really a few hundred subscribers.

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