Timeless Advertising Principles that Are Ultra Relevant Today

Modern advertising tactics can seem to be confusing and intimidating, but these age-old advertising strategies will help you see how to learn from advertising and what's changed in advertising. The underlying psychology in advertising hasn't changed in decades since Breakthrough advertising. Watch this advertising tutorial with Eric Siu to discover how to ramp up your advertising game!


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video, I'm gonna give you some timeless advertising principles to help you level up your game. My name's Eric Siu. I'm the co-host of the Marketing School podcast. Where we nerd out on marketing every single day and the host out of the Growth Everywhere podcast, where we nerd out on entrepreneurship every single week.
First thing's first, what you need to do is make sure that you can write a great headline. I've talked about this in the past, read the book The Boron Letters, that's by Gary Halbert and also read the book of Breakthrough Advertising, because it talks about timeless advertising principles in there. That book is actually from the 1920s I believe, and is actually out of print, so you gotta pay a couple hundred dollars for that book, so check out that book. And I've also recommended in the past, in relation to writing great headlines, go to Copyblogger, and then search for magnetic headlines, and you'll get a formula that will help you grow.
Now the other thing is Warren Buffett always tells his CEOs to protect their brand. When you look at your brand, you gotta figure out, well what does it stand for? We talked about in past videos, what does Apple stand for? What does Nike stand for? How do you go out there and you protect your brand? Tell your story but then also protect it as well. That's how you can make your advertising a lot easier, when your brand stands out and you're out there, because when your brand that actually stands for something, people fall in love with that. Read 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout, the laws in there still haven't changed. You gotta be consistent with your marketing too, and your advertising.
So the rule of seven, make sure that you're appearing multiple times and that way it will ... your advertising's gonna stand out. You can't just appear once. This is the reason why I do podcasts, this is the reason I do these videos, this is the reason I do blog posts, this is the reason I speak, this is the reason why I retarget as well. People aren't gonna buy it on the first shot, that's why people are still doing billboards today. Oh my God, billboards, why are people still doing billboards? You can't track it. Why are people doing TV advertising? It's so hard to track. Apple's not dumb, Coca-Cola's not dumb, there's a reason they're doing this. It's because the data proves it. Appearing multiple times, seven times or more, people aren't ready to buy from me immediately, but when they see you again that time, maybe the timing's perfect then they will buy from you.
So those are just a couple things you can do to ... just couple power ups. I'm curious as to what you will do with these power ups to actually level up, drop those in the comments, and if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and hit subscribe and we'll see you tomorrow.

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