6 Marketing Funnel Strategies to Skyrocket Sales (Melanie Perkins, David Cancel, Edwin Choi & MORE)

In this video, top entrepreneurs Derek Halpern (Social Triggers), Brad Martineau (SixthDivision), Melanie Perkins (Canva), Anand Sanwal (CB Insights), Edwin Choi (Mobovida), & David Cancel (Drift) give Eric Siu their best marketing funnel strategies.

In these clips from the Growth Everywhere podcast, you'll learn about promoting your best content (Derek Halpern), working backwards from your goal (Brad Martineau), solving important problems (Melanie Perkins), learning your customers’ motivations (Anand Sanwal), targeting demographics through Facebook (Edwin Choi), and why you should give away a product that people love (David Cancel).

Podcast Sources
1) GE Ep 100 [2015]: Derek Halpern Drops Knowledge On How He Built A 300,000 Subscriber E-mail List
2) GE Ep 127 [2015]: Automation Master Brad Martineau on How to Set Up Successful Sales & Automation Funnels
3) GE Ep 183 [2016]: How Canva Grew From 1K to 10M Users Without Paid Advertising
4) GE Ep 111 [2015]: How CB Insights Uses Content Marketing To Get 1,000+ Signups Per Month
5) GE Ep 148 [2016]: Edwin Choi Reveals Mobovida's $10M/Year Customer Acquisition Recipe
6) GE Ep 145 [2016]: Drift CEO David Cancel (Formerly @ Compete, HubSpot) Explains Why Free Products Are The Best Acquisition Method

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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: Hey my name is Eric Siu and I've got six marketing funnel tips for you that will blow your mind away forever.

Derek Halpern: Most people have a new website with no links, with no traffic, with no audience, with nothing. And, if that's the case, that's why I say you need to not create that much content. Instead, you need to create very little content and focus on getting that content into the hands of more people.
Now that means, if you write an article about customer acquisition let's say and a thousand people read that article, chances are there's another million people in the world that can read that same article. Now, most people when they look at traffic acquisition from a blogging standpoint, they think, "Well, let me put out as much content as possible and hope something hits." But instead, I say, people should spend most of their time creating the best article on customer acquisition possible, like the number one default resource on customer acquisition, and then focus on getting that one resource into the hands as many people as possible. So, it's not about creating, it's about promoting your content.

Brad Martineau: It's not just ... I don't go do advertising just to get people that might want the lead magnet. I not only want to get people to opt in for the lead magnet, I want them to buy my product. So I wanna position my lead magnet in a way that it's actually gonna lead to the desired result of the product. Otherwise, I'm just spending money to get leads that have no interest in what it is that I'm selling.
So for a simple funnel, assuming like a product or a service or something like that, what I would do is I would work backwards from where am I trying to get them. What are the things that I know about the person that's gonna want to buy that product or service? And it might even be just opting into talk with me about a bigger service. That can be the end result where I'm trying to get somebody. But what do I know about that person? What do they want? What are they afraid of? And then I wanna create a lead magnet that is extremely enticing to them, and I want to deliver it in a way that will highlight all the benefits of what they can get by continuing on with me and also diminish the fears that they have. I wanna make sure that I talk to those.

Melanie Perkins: I think the most important thing for any company is to solve an important problem. And so, if you solve a problem that affects a lot of people, it really helps. Well firstly, you have an audience when you launch your product, cause they actually care about the thing and then secondly, they'll tell other people because they care about that problem too. And so, for social media marketers and bloggers, they had a really significant problem that they had to create a lot of visual content without having had any design experience typically. And so, what we were able to do at Canva was, really tap into their needs, solve their problem very specifically, and then not only do they use our product, but they're then helped to spread it.
And so in our early days we spent a lot of time working with social media marketers and bloggers to help spread the word about Canva, and to get them onboard and excited, and to engage them as part of our community. And so, I think that that was a really important thing. Also, to think about the frequency of needs. So, social media marketers and bloggers have a very frequent need for visual designs and so they were a perfect network to tap into in our early days. And then from there, we've really had, and even today, most of our traffic is still coming from where it is now.

Speaker 5: And you know, the thing we try to do up front in sales or even in our customer success team is, we ask, "At the end of this trial or at the end of this subscription, what's going to make it a no-brainer for you to subscribe or buy CD Insights?" And so that tells us a lot about what they care about.
You know, sometimes they'll say, "Well, our company cares about this." But oftentimes they'll say, "Hey. I spend a lot of time gathering financing data by reading 40 different blogs." So for that person, we're going to show him how we're going to save him a ton of time, while somebody else was like, "Oh, I present at senior meetings, and I'm at conferences all the time. I need cool stuff that I can share." Then we're going to show him a whole different set of capabilities.
So that's the thing I think I learned at Amex, was how everybody's got different motivations. It's not about revenue or cost. Sometimes it's more ego driven things, but you've got to find what those things are, and figure out how your solution ... got to get in the skin of the customer and then show them how your solution helps them solve that issue, or solve that challenge, or that need that they have.

E. Choi: Well, Facebook has a wealth of data on everyone that uses Facebook. They know literally everything about you, right? So we've been able to take what we call recipes. So we take different ingredients and these ingredients could be ad copy, could be product targeting, and it could be different demographic attributes as well. And we rapidly test these throughout our channel. And the beautiful thing about this is that, if we have a certain demographic profile that we are targeting on Facebook, all four to five of those products that we're targeting to that demographic we know have a certain appeal.
So for males, we know that brown, black, and blue tend to be the top selling colors for males. So they would see only those colors. Whereas, females might see a baby pink, a baby blue and a purple. And that level of targeting is really unprecedented. And the scale at which Facebook will allow you to do that sort of testing is unprecedented. So, once we figure out what attracts a certain customer, then we'll continually reiterate on that testing and drive further results.

David C.: This move to kind of product or free products adds an acquisition source. And so, we all know, like if you come from the marketing world, you went from the old model of cold calling people, right? That was the old school model and that was the most [inaudible 00:05:39] sales model. And then you went to model in the last whatever, seven or eight years where you created content, so kind of an inbound approach. You created content. You create, gave away e-books, you gave away webinars, you gave away something of value in order to get contact information, and then you would follow up to try to convert someone.
And then you've seen this new wave of companies who are using either their core product or side projects, or side products to give away something of value. Instead of giving away an e-book, the new e-book is giving away a product that people love and use every day. And then, as they use that product, there's a natural kind of synergy with your product and a natural path for them to kind of upgrade or to move into your bigger product.

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