The Game of Entrepreneurship and How to Level Up in Life

The best way to learn entrepreneurship is to gamify life. If you can learn how to make progress fun and how to turn hard things into games, you'll get ahead of the curve in business and life. Learning to gamify business will not only help you find the secret of enjoying business, but can give you a context in which to improve all areas of your life.
In this video Eric Siu shares his strategies on how to turn business into a game with exciting lessons from top entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and inspiring entrepreneur stories to help take your business to the next level.
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Full Transcript of The Video

Speaker 1: Sometimes life just feels like a bag of shit. So in order to make your life not feel so shitty, I'm gonna tell you how you can play the game of life and actually win.
Number one, what you actually have to do is study other entrepreneurs. Why do I pick entrepreneurs? Because I've interviewed over 300 entrepreneurs on my podcast, Growth Everywhere. I have learned about their lifestyles, what they do to win, what their habits are. Just learning their habits, learning what it takes to succeed. These are people that have invented the pants that I'm wearing right here, the chair that you see right here, the lamp over here. Entrepreneurs have created everything around you. They are playing the ultimate game of life and you don't necessarily have to start a business, you don't have to be an entrepreneur, but you can be entrepreneurial. I think that's the most important thing. If you look at Warren Buffett, he reads five hours a day plus. Every successful person has a habit of learning, they're always trying to get better.
Number two is also figuring out okay, well how do I go about actually doing this stuff? Learning is one thing but how do I go about actually executing on this stuff? Learn how you actually do stuff and then start doing it.
Number three is failing. Failing a ton. Everybody fails a lot. Everybody's had their failures. Elon Musk has had his failures in the past. He had a video gaming company that didn't work out. Everybody has had their share of failures. As a matter of fact his company SpaceX, which uses reusable rockets that land back on earth, it failed. It almost failed to the point where it had to shut down, but the last rocket ended up working for him.
Those are just a couple things that you need to do to actually succeed. Now if you want to actually learn more about how these entrepreneurs win at the game of life, in the next video I actually talk about how Elon Musk wins at the game of life by succeeding at entrepreneurship.
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