15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile Commerce [Infographic]

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Mobile commerce (or m-commerce, as the cool kids call it) has taken the e-commerce industry by storm and is the fastest growing subset of online shopping. With more than 50% of the world’s population owning a mobile phone, it’s easy to see why m-commerce has such a major influence on the way that retailers market to prospects and customers.

One third of e-commerce is mobile driven. Why? Because people love the convenience of being able to search for and buy their favorite products online through their handheld devices. The ease of access provided by mobile apps has facilitated users to search for reliable stores and favorite brands, to pay through e-wallets, and get their purchases delivered right to their front door.

The only hindrance to e-commerce has been the payment process, but the reliability of payment gateways and secure website connections has increased consumer trust in paying through this method. As one-click payment options and integrated mobile shopping carts become more advanced, online transactions performed through mobile devices are only going to grow rapidly.

  • 50% of people own a mobile phone
  • 33% of e-commerce is powered by mobile devices
  • mobile e-commerce is a $100B industry
  • 60% of online shoppers use smartphones to find a product
  • iPhone is leading the mobile commerce industry with the highest conversion values
  • 45% of all e-commerce will come from m-commerce by 2020

Here are 15 statistics from FME Addons that illustrate just how big m-commerce is becoming:

15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile CommerceInfographic by Fme Addons

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