7 Ways Influencer + Social Marketing Can Help During COVID-19 [Infographic]

In these uncertain times, if you’re worried about keeping the wheels of your business turning, you’re not the only one. This COVID-19 pandemic is frightening for many of us and bigger than anything most of us have seen before.

However, pulling through this difficult period will help you emerge stronger than ever once this is all over. How can you do that if your business is primarily a brick-and-mortar store or you otherwise haven’t had a strong digital presence?

Amidst lockdowns and quarantines, social media and influencer marketing can be a very helpful element to your business strategy. And keeping your business afloat during this pandemic is important as it helps the overall economic situation.

Here’s why social media and influencer marketing are crucial during the coronavirus outbreak.

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People Want More Digital Content than Ever

Offices are shutdown, streets are deserted, and our social lives have taken the worst hit ever. However, the human need for entertainment, humor and interaction is still the same. Or perhaps even stronger.

Social media platforms are seeing sharp spikes in usage, for there’s only so much we can do when we’re constrained to our homes. So, chances are that online campaigns will see much better reach and engagement.

All that being said, it is important to create the right content. For instance, if you run a campaign that solely advertises your product, it probably won’t work right now.

Fear and worry are the dominating emotions right now, so focus on putting your audience first. What can you do to ease this ordeal for them?

If you have a clothing company, you could produce content that highlights the best ways to sanitize clothes during this time. Alternatively, put out generic content that informs, educates or lightens the load — think memes or dog videos.

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Influencers Are Reliable and Resourceful

Content curation is a long process. It requires audience analysis, social media listening, brainstorming and a whole lot of resources — camera equipment, graphic designers, writers, etc. 

However, influencers are just the all-rounders you need in times of quarantine. They can take on all those responsibilities and make the process of content creation simpler. All you need to do is create an influencer vetting process to help you partner with the right person/people.

Moreover, influencers don’t just have great expertise and experience in their niche, but also huge followings of people who identify with the influencer. This could expose your business to a new audience and grow your social media presence.

Online Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Due to COVID-19, the sales and revenues of many businesses have seen huge drops. In this light, it is only natural that you want affordable solutions. The online marketing realm can give you just that.

There is a multitude of free or affordable tools available on the Internet. They can help you organize all aspects of your content strategy such as ideation, creation, distribution and measurement.

There’s good news for those wanting to tread the influencer marketing path as well! Due to a slowdown in the economy, many influencers are apprehensive. It comes as no surprise that they’re also thirsty for new work projects! This is why influencers may be more flexible and willing to negotiate than ever — as you should be, too. In this challenging time, we all need to help each other.

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It Will Help Your Business Last

To prevent your business from succumbing to this pandemic, you’ve got to keep the ball rolling. Devote yourself to pushing out digital content that offers value to your readers and helps you stay relevant, too. Come up with strategies that can help keep the spirits of your team high. قواعد لعبة بلاك جاك

It’s important to remember that all of this will soon be over. The lockdown is not meant to last forever. طريقة لعبة القمار

If people find value in your content, chances are they’ll remember you. This is a great window of opportunity for enhancing customer retention and building a potential customer base through your authentic contribution.

In short, the coronavirus pandemic calls for making online marketing your mantra. العب روليت اون لاين

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If you’re seeking more information, check out this infographic by HireInfluence:

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