Top Marketing Tools to Win Business Without Being Sleazy | Ep. #494

In episode #494, Eric and Neil talk about ways to promote your business and retain customers without resorting to sleazy tactics. Tune in to hear how you can promote your business in an easy and fun way.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:28] Today’s Topic: Top Marketing Tools to Win Business Without Being Sleazy
  • [00:35] An email service provider helps you send good content and increase business in a non-sleazy way.
  • [01:02] Reaching out to customers or other companies individually provides value and goes a long way in retaining their patronage.
  • [01:05] Neil also recommends checking out WebinarJam, because you can promote a product or service through “educating” clients.
  • [02:00] WebinarJam is the best service, as they offer better tools to optimize your business.
  • [02:50] Have some form of live chat available on your site. Intercom or Drift are great services for this, as they are more relaxed and conversational.
  • [03:50] At Nextcon, Eric and Neil spoke with the conference founder who said he gets his customers through a three-way split: lead forms, phone numbers, live chat.
  • [04:26] Tubebuddy allows you to schedule posts on Facebook and is a great YouTube analytics tool.
  • [05:27] You can also try VideoRemix or PicSnippets for images.
  • [05:45] Personalized messages always perform better. People also respond to quirky content.
  • [06:35] MixMax is an email follow-up tool that Neil swears by; you can schedule email sequences.
  • [07:24] “The fortune is in the follow-up”
  • [07:45] That’s all for today!
  • [07:47] Supermetrics makes it easy to set up good-looking reports that make sense. To learn more go to

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors, Neil Patel and Eric Sui.

Eric Sui : Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Sui.

Neil Patel : And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Sui : And today, we're going to talk about top marketing tools to win business without being sleazy. So I guess I'll kick it off. Well, you can start with the email service provider and I'll go with mine. And Neil uses a different one, but I use Drift. And just having an email service provider collecting emails and then nurturing people with content does help you win business over time without being sleazy cause you're sending them good content, you're being helpful. And, you know, we've got people on our list that we didn't really know that we had on our list until we enriched all the people on there, and we found out, okay, there's Mercedes, there's Shell Gasoline, there's Audi, right? But just reaching out to them individually and providing them value goes a long way.

Neil Patel : You should also check out Webinar Jam. Webinar Jam allows you run live webinars in which you can promote a product, or service, or offering all through the webinar. So for example, let's say I'm trying to promote marketing services where I teach you guys how to grow your traffic and I want to get you as a client. I would end up educating you on all the cool marketing techniques that you could be using to grow and I'd be like, "Look, do you find this overwhelming? Do you need help? Do you want us to just do it for you?" And they can click a button. You can say like, "Oh, go click the get started button or work with Neil, or work with Eric," and they can fill out a lead form.
Or, if you're selling an e-book or e-commerce product, you can just say, "Buy your product." Within the webinar they can click the button, and it allows them to buy and send them to your landing page, or the checkout page, or wherever you want to end up sending them to. And the reason I like using Webinar Jam versus Go To Webinar, or some of the other tools out there, they have way more features that make it much more productive.
For example, their landing pages are much more optimized to get people to show up to the webinar. And that's a really important number and metric. Cause just because you have a 1,000 webinar registrations, it doesn't mean a 1,000 people are going to show up to your webinar. You're lucky if 16% or 20% show up. With Webinar Jam they do things like text based reminders. It integrates with Twilio. And they do followup sequences. You can get your numbers from 16/20 like you usually do with Go To Webinar to something like 30%. And in many cases, a lot of my webinars are running with 50% to 60% show up rate. And that's high. So check it out and you can use it to educate and then sales. And that's not sleazy because you're giving value before you're selling.

Eric Sui : Yup. The next thing I'll add is having some form of live chat on your site. And this is not just any basic live chat where it's like, "Oh, hey, can I help you?" Its more around or thinking about something like Inner Calm or Drift. Drift is something I use on my site and it becomes more conversational. When you have a bot that basically they're visiting a specific category page, for example, or if you're doing any form of account based marketing, you can actually use a tool like Drift where it's like Drift knows that ... let's say you're targeting Linkedin, for example, as an account. It'll say, "Hey, there, we actually work with companies like Linkedin, is there anything we can help you with?"
So having a very conversational bot within that generates all kinds of conversations or meetings goes a long way. And we've actually generated a ton of meetings from leads that we probably otherwise wouldn't have gotten just because we're asking specific questions and taking them down a journey. It does take time to set up, thinking about the logic, and then also the sequencing, and the tags, and things like that. But using the Chat bot, you can actually build something that's very similar to an email autoresponder sequence even with the tags.

Neil Patel : Yeah, and Eric and I were at the Nextiva Con ... what do they call it?

Eric Sui : NextCon.

Neil Patel : NextCon for Nextiva and we were talking to one of the founders who runs marketing, and they were saying that they generate customers roughly through a 3-way split.
First is people coming through a lead form. Second is people going through phone numbers. And the third way, and they're pretty much all even is the Chat, which Eric just talked about. Make sure you use Chat, don't take it for granted. And this is a company that's worth well into the 9 figures, right? Chat is super powerful cause you're getting them right then and there when they're on your website, and they're ready.

Eric Sui : Yeah, and the next tool I can add is Tube Buddy. So Neil and I have been cranking out more videos. So Tube Buddy, what it does, it allows you to also post a Facebook at the same time. So obviously there are different channels, right? But just making sure you kind of maximize what you're doing. It also shows you the right tags to use, you can also schedule posts at the same time. It also has something called Channelytic. So I can go to Neil's channel C, how many videos he's posted in the last 30 days, how many new subscribers he's gotten, and how many views he's gotten in the last 30 days. It is a powerful YouTube analytics tool. And you can also call it a powerful YouTube management tool. So they have a free version, they have a paid version as well. You can use Tube Buddy or you can also use vidIQ. Both of them are really great.
The other thing I'll add is, let's say I watch a video on Neil's channel, I can see how many views he got in the first 48 hours on that video, what tags his video ranks for, all that kind of creepy intelligent stuff that you can do. But, you know, at the same time, you're getting these new views, getting new leads, it's not sleazy.

Neil Patel : Yeah, you can also check out Video Remix. And another similar tool to this one that isn't for videos is ... what's the Infusion software one where they plug in your name? Picsnippets.
So for pictures use Picsnippets. For videos, you can use like Video Remix. And what that does is, when you're marketing to new people and you're trying to get them to convert into customers, personalized marketing messages always perform better. So with Video Remix, you can like insert the person's name into videos and make it look personalized even though it isn't. But it's a bit more personalized and it's almost all automated. And, when you do that, what ends up happening is that your conversion rates go through the roof.
Same with Picsnippets. So we use Picsnippets where, when we send emails, and let's say you attend a webinar, or you end up checking out, or finishing the purchase, I will send you an email of me holding up a card with a sad face and it will be like, "Eric, I'm so sad. Why don't you joint the webinar? Why don't you complete the purchase?" And doing little simple things like that, that are quirky, a lot of people respond laughing, and they think, "Oh, this is cool. Thanks for sending this along." And we saw our numbers go up as well.

Eric Sui : Great, and the one other tool our add, and we can go on all day about this, but I'll cap it off with this one on my side is Mixmax. It is an email followup kind of tool. So what I like about it is, with Mixmax, let's say you want to followup with a certain potential client or friends, for example. So what I'm doing right now is I'm giving away a lot of gifts to friends, right? And I need to get all of their physical addresses. So instead of having to email each one and having to continue to followup with them on all of them, what I can basically do is set up a sequence, and then have it be a 4 or 5 email sequence broken up by different days. And then it will just keep following up with them, and then I can just load up their name, and then just asking them for something specific, and I can also put in different custom fields as well.
So Mixmax has a lot of different features. You can show your calendar availability and things like that. At the end of the day, I think it was John Maxwell that said, "The fortune is in the followup." So you're just making sure you follow up there, follow up with potential clients, and then also showing your availability. Just making your life a lot easier to get these meetings going, because it is these meetings that help you grow your business.

Neil Patel : Yeah, you know, as Eric mentioned, we can keep going on and on. But I think that's a great place to start. Use those tools. You can market yourself, your business, you'll do well and you won't look sleazy.

Eric Sui : Great. So, before we go, we have another tool we want to tell you about. It's SUPERMETRICS. So SUPERMETRICS actually does fit in well with this podcast episode itself. But it does make it really easy to set up good looking reports that make sense from your Google Analytics, from your Facebook ads, from your Ad Words. So, if you want to learn more about SUPERMETRICS, just go to School to learn more. We'll see you tomorrow.

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