How to Get Tons of Views on Your LinkedIn Updates | Ep. #309

In Episode #309, Eric and Neil discuss how to get tons of views on your LinkedIn updates. Tune in to know the number of views Eric and Neil received on their first LinkedIn update and why you should leverage LinkedIn NOW.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Get Tons of Views on Your LinkedIn Updates
  • 00:38 – You can now write longer-form LinkedIn content now
  • 00:55 – Eric has around 6K connections in LinkedIn and when he wrote about longer-form LinkedIn updates, he got a thousand views in just 10 minutes
    • 01:10 – There were also 2nd degree views in LinkedIn
  • 01:23 – A simple text update can get you tons of views
  • 01:34 – Neil has also tested LinkedIn updates
    • 01:44 – He got 232K views, 280 likes and 151 comments on his first update
  • 01:57 – Neil learned that the more generic your update, the better off you are
  • 02:28 – It comes down to how many views your content is getting by the right type of people that can potentially generate income—so be specific
  • 02:48 – One guy reached out to Eric when he posted an update asking Eric if he can work for him
    • 03:04 – There are also paid advertising managers who approached Eric
    • 03:11 – One from Dropbox has reach out to Eric as well
  • 03:33 – There’s a lot of potential with LinkedIn updates
  • 03:54 – Go use LinkedIn now while only a few people are into it and leverage it
  • 04:04 – AdWords is not restricting LinkedIn yet, so now is a good time to use it
  • 04:14 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Take advantage of LinkedIn while it is not as saturated as other platforms.
  2. Posting specific LinkedIn updates can target the RIGHT people who are possible sale leads.
  3. LinkedIn updates can also help you connect with people who can become a part of your network.

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