How to Create Content that People Actually Search For | Ep. #168

In Episode #168, Eric and Neil discuss how to create content that people actually search for. Creating content that grabs an audience and attracts visitors requires some effort on your part, but where do you start? Tune in to find out what drives people to keep reading and how you can create content that is worth the search.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Create Content that People Actually Search For
  • 00:43 – Shawn Ellis mentions that SaaStr gets 3M visitors per month
    • 01:10 – Jason gets asked on Quora and he answers the questions in his blog
    • 01:30 – Check SaaStr/Quora to know how Jason does it
  • 02:04 – Use Google Keyword Planner, KeywordTool, UberSuggest, and for keyword research
  • 02:47 – If you have a team, grab them and ask to brainstorm on a certain topic
    • 03:15 – You hire a team for a reason
  • 03:30 – Neil shares information from Jason Lemkin’s Quora Q and A blog
    • 04:29 – Neil checks Jason Lemkin’s website visitor count
    • 05:08 – Use Market Muse to upgrade your content
  • 05:29 – Google is looking for topic relevance
  • 05:40 – Look at your search feature
    • 05:55 – A chat feature like Intercom helps you to see what people are searching
    • 06:05 – Survey your audience and check your top performing posts
  • 06:30 – “Creating cornerstone pieces of content is what generates the most traffic”
    • 07:12 – Wikipedia is a good example
    • 07:40 – Don’t just create content, creates amazing cornerstone pieces of content
  • 08:05 – Eric shares why OkCupid’s blog stands out
    • 08:28 – Think about a unique spin that can make you stand out
  • 08:38 – SaaStr is getting more than 1 million viewers, but maybe not 3M
  • 09:52 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Use your TEAM – brainstorm how to make great content that attracts viewers.
  2. Creating cornerstone pieces of content is what generates the most traffic.
  3. Think about a unique spin that can make you stand out.

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