Do We Think Tai Lopez Is a Scammer? | Ep. #537

In episode #537, Eric and Neil discuss whether Tai Lopez and other Internet marketers are scammers. Tune in to hear some surprising thoughts on this issue and how others could even learn from supposed scammers.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: Do We Think Tai Lopez Is a Scammer?
  • [00:36] Because they are in the marketing world, Eric and Neil are often asked this question.
  • [00:43] Eric doesn’t think that Tai Lopez is a scammer and actually respects his hard work.
  • [01:15] Neil knows Tai personally.
  • [01:17] This conversation could also be about Sam Evans, Billy Gene, or Alex Becker. Neil sees all of these people as smart and creative marketers.
  • [01:40] Tai is a very forthright person with no need to put up a front.
  • [02:03] Instead of asking if someone is a scammer, try to learn from their techniques.
  • [02:25] You don’t have to be in their world, but take the stuff that works for these marketers and apply it to your business.
  • [02:37] Sam Evans is often considered a scammer, but he has over 3,000 positive video testimonials on his website.
  • [03:00] Everyone thinks these guys are scammers because there are a lot of affiliate marketer scammers. It is also because when people buy their products, the users don’t actually use the product.
  • [03:40] If you take free, effective material from your blog and put it behind a paywall, people will inevitably complain and claim your tactics don’t work. In the end, it will come out that they didn’t even apply the tactics to their businesses.
  • [04:45] Gossip doesn’t help you or anyone grow your business. It’s a waste of energy.
  • [05:20] Instead of worrying who is a scammer, look at the products and techniques and use what works for your business.
  • [05:51] That’s it for today!
  • [05:53] Go to for a special edition of Crazy Egg, the heat mapping tool.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Announcer: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors, Neil Patel and Eric Sui.

Eric Sui: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Sui.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Sui: Today, we're going to talk about something interesting. Do we think Tai Lopez is a scammer? I'll kick this one off. I think this is really interesting because I lot of people I talk to, because Neil and I are both in the marketing world, they come up to me, probably to Neil too. It's like, "What do think about Tai Lopez? Do you think he's a scammer?" To be honest, I don't think he's a scammer. To be honest, I respect his hard work. I see his stuff all the time. He's always pumping out new content. He's being creative. He has a unique spin on things. His thing is teaching younger people how they can be successful. If he can even get a couple people to an action and start successful businesses, all the more power to him. The business model works for him. He knows how to get people to take an action. He knows how to tap into people's emotions. I think he's really smart about it. I'll let Neil jump into this, because Neil actually knows him personally.

Neil Patel: Let's broaden it. Let's not just talk about Tai. You can talk about Sam Ovens, Billy Jean, Alex Becker. That's his last name, right? I look at all of those people, and some of them I met in person. I see them as very smart and creative marketers. For example, if you talk to Tai and you get to know him, and I've been to his home. I've seen a lot of the stuff. He'll talk about cars. He'll tell you he leases them. He's not like he's saying he bought it outright, and he has all this cash, and he's just blowing it here and there.
I was at his house and we were shooting a video, and there was all this cash on the table, and it was fake cash. He even tells people, "Yeah, it's fake cash. I don't want real cash because then someone's going to rob me, but I'll give them and currency in real cash, or whatever it may be." I look at them, and I'm like, "Oh, these guys are really smart with their marketing." Instead of looking at people and being like, "Are they a scammer or are they not?", why not learn from them. I'm not saying you have to replicate their style or put models or flashy cars, but you can learn from them and take the things you like and integrate them within your business.
I learned that concept from a guy named Ryan Deiss from DigitalMarketer. He was big on info, still is. He says like, "Dude, you don't have to get into our world. You may not like some of the things, but what we're doing is working. So, why not take the stuff that's working and apply it to your business?" I was talking to Sam Ovens, and Sam, a lot of people are like, "Oh, he teaches how to be a consultant and makes six figures. He's a big scam." You go to his website, he has over 3,000, that's right, 3,000 video testimonials of people talking about Sam, his course, and what they learned.
The reason you start seeing a lot of these people online, people claiming they're scammers is why? You know this, Eric. In the info business, why does everyone think when someone sells info, they're a scammer?

Eric Sui: Because there's a lot of scammers out there that are trying to make a big buck, especially a lot of these affiliate marketers out there.

Neil Patel: Yes, and then the second reason? There's always two. When most people buy your info products, what is the one thing that they don't do?

Eric Sui: They don't deliver.

Neil Patel: No, the users, themselves.

Eric Sui: They don't use it.

Neil Patel: Exactly. They don't use it. If you sell an info product to 1,000 people, you're lucky if 20 actually implement what you teach them.

Eric Sui: It's exactly that. Yeah.

Neil Patel: It's so bad that people are like, "Oh, you suck." If I take the same stuff on my blog that's free, I'll get emails that are of people saying, "Oh, my God. It's changed my business. Ya da ya da ya da. I love it. I'm making all this money. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Then I take all the good stuff and I put a pay wall behind it, and I charge for it. I know the tactics work. Then, what do you get? People start complaining because they're paying for it and they don't use it. Then, it's like, "Oh, you suck. You scammed me. Your tactics are old. I already knew about them." I'm like, "Oh, can I see your site?" "Yeah." I'll gladly give them their money back. I go and look at everything that they're doing, and I'll be like, "Oh, you didn't implement any of this." They're like, "Oh yeah, I don't have the time." Well, if you're saying it's a scam and you don't try anything, then of course you're going to end up feeling that way. I don't sell info anymore, and I haven't for years, for that reason, but people just don't take action.

Eric Sui: Here's the thing. People will always find a way to blame others. When I see people talking about how, "Is so-and-so a scammer?", why even waste the time. Just go back and focus on yourself. Here's what happens. When people start gossiping, and this is deviating away from marketing, but think about this. When you start gossiping or you hear people gossiping, it's like, "Okay, that's a complete waste of energy." Ultimately, it doesn't help you grow your business to help other people. It's not a good use of time. To Neil's point, there's something to learn from every single person. Even if you could just take away one creative thing that Tai Lopez did, or whoever, Alex Becker, whoever it is exactly, you're going to be able to integrate that into your style, and it's going to be able to help you a lot. When you look at these people, it's not that they're scammers. It's that they're really creative and it's that most of the other people that you see, the other products out there, sometimes they don't work that well, and these other people start to take the flack for it.
Eric hit the nail right on the head. You got to change your mindset. Instead of worrying about who's a scammer or who's not, start looking at their marketing, start looking at their funnels. Heck, even buy some of their products, learn what they're doing, take the tactics that are working, implement them within your business, and you'll start growing faster. These guys wouldn't be doing video ads everywhere on Facebook, Taboola, YouTube, whatever it may be, if they weren't making money. So, they're doing something right. Learn from them and you'll become a better marketer.

Neil Patel: Great. That's is for today. Before we go, just go to to learn about our Crazy Egg giveaway, which is Neil's heatmapping tool. That's it for today. We'll see you tomorrow.

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