Do Infographics Still Work in Today’s Day and Age? | Ep. #474

In Episode #474, Eric and Neil discuss how high-end infographics still work and manage to pull in traffic. They recommend various sources for finding some great infographic designers and provide tips and tricks which will help you create something that truly resonates with your target audience. 

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • [00:28] – Today’s topic: Do Infographics Still Work in Today’s Day and Age?
  • [00:40] – A high-end infographic still works
  • [00:53] – The basic ones do not work anymore
  • [01:09] – People want something new which adds value
  • 01:18 – is a great source to find infographic designers; Pinterest, Dribbble and Behance are some other sources worth checking out
  • [01:46] – Offshore designers might need more direction compared to someone who is US based
  • [02:11] – 3D infographics tend to do quite well
  • [02:55] – You can’t just go viral; start off by focusing on creating something great that resonates with your target audience
  • 03:10 – Make sure you have an embed code generator; we recommend the WordPress plugin WB embed code generator
  • [03:18] – Add a paragraph of text above and below the infographic
  • 03:31 – Marketing School is giving away 90-day FREE trial for Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool
  • [03:47] – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. A high-end infographic still works. Avoid using basic infographics. People want something new that adds value.
  2. Offshore designers might need more direction compared to someone who is US based.
  3. 3D infographics tend to do quite well and generate the required traffic.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Announcer: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors, Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil patel: I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: Today, we're going to talk about if infographics still work in today's day and age. Neil, this is something that you used to do a lot of. You're basically one of the pioneers around this. What are your thoughts around infographics?

Neil patel: The still work. Most people don't do them because they're so time-consuming, but they still work, and they're really effective as long as an infographic is high in quality. See, the problems with infographs, and this is why most people don't do them anymore is because all the basic ones are done and they don't do well. If they're to work, you have to create real substance and value. See, when infographics first came out, everyone's like, "Oh, cool. Content in a visual form. Let's just share it and link to it." Now, that doesn't work because people are like, "Yeah, we've already seen this. Give us something new or give us something of value."

Eric Siu: Great. The value I'll add here is, where can you go actually find good infographic designers? First and foremost, you can go to, so, and they have a lot of infographics there. You can also check out the stuff that's on Pinterest. People are posting stuff all the time, and you can also go to Dribbble. That's with three B's, so, and they have a bunch of designers with portfolios there. The final one I'll add is Behance. That's, and go find your infographic designers. A lot of these people that are offshore, they're going to give you a good price. Just make sure that at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If you want someone really good that doesn't need that much direction, you might want to go with someone that's a little more expensive, maybe someone that's in the states. Offshore, they're going to need more direction from you, but that's something that Neil and I are willing to deal with sometimes.

Neil patel: When you're doing infographics, there's a lot of examples of this on Dribbble. They're rare, but there are still a good amount of examples. There's 3D infographics. Those go quite well, in which you can see things popping out when someone's designing a pyramid. Then, that way, it's really sticky, and it looks really cool on a video.

Eric Siu: Didn't you do that?

Neil patel: I didn't do that. I did animated infographics.

Eric Siu: Oh, right.

Neil patel: That's another one that works. You can do gifographics. To see an example of this, I Google "Infographic, how fast does a cheetah run" or "Infographic, how does a gun work," and someone has infographics showing animations within the image. They went extremely viral. They ended up generating well over 100, 200,000 visitors for each of these infographics.

Eric Siu: The final thing I'll add is Neil just spoke about something called viral. I remember people coming up to me saying, "Hey, you know, we want to pay you to go viral." That doesn't make any sense at all. You can't just go viral. You actually have to just focus on creating something great first, something that you think will resonate, and maybe you have a chance at going viral. Going viral is like trying to hit the lottery, but you probably have better odds.

Neil patel: Just follow those tips. Keep doing infographics. Make sure you have Embed Code Generator at the bottom. You can use a [inaudible 00:03:12] called WP Embed Code Generator if you're on WordPress, and that ensures that you help get more link-backs. Make sure you add a paragraph of text above and below your infographic, but I think if you do those main things, you should be fine and you can still get infographics to produce quite a bit of traffic for you.

Eric Siu: All right. That's it for today, but before we go, we have a 90-day free trial of Crazy Egg to give away. That's a heat mapping tool designed to grow your online business or your business online, and all you need to do is go to to learn more and that you learn more about how you can get a one-year annual subscription to Crazy Egg. That's it for today. We'll see you tomorrow.

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