The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Online Educational Companies

EdTech (education technology) is one of the fastest growing sectors out there right now.

U.S. students are lagging in areas like math and science, and school systems are completely riddled with problems that need to be solved. In 2015, EdTech companies collectively raised over $1.85 billion in funding to solve the biggest problems in education today.

There’s massive opportunity out there for those who are building educational companies. But with that opportunity comes a heavy load of challenges.

For one, the education system is extremely fragmented. Teachers, the primary users of educational technology in school systems, aren’t typically the ones who make purchase decisions. School administrators are usually the ones making those decisions, yet they’re not the ones using the product. And because there are multiple stakeholders involved, marketing gets more complicated.

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Selling to schools has become a significantly long and complicated process and many startups can’t afford to invest the time when they’re so new. Plus most aren’t that skilled at SEO for education. Fortunately, there are other business models popping up in education, along with marketing strategies, for building a successful business in the space.

We’ll explain how popular marketing tactics today can be applied to the education world, and how education companies today are applying them, point out the different EdTech business models and marketing funnels, so we can see how the marketing tactics fit into the big picture, and show you how to understand your audience in the education technology space.

To learn key marketing tactics specifically for education companiestake a look at the resource guide we wrote just for you: The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Online Educational Companies.

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