How to Get Endorsements: Win More Business with Awards

Getting endorsements and awards is more than just recognition; it’s a key advantage in the competitive business world.

Endorsements from well-known sources like Forrester, for example, can greatly boost your business’s credibility. They are powerful in attracting top clients and winning proposals.

So in this post, we’ll explore the power of endorsements and awards in business growth and how to integrate them into your marketing and RFP responses to maximize their impact.

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The Power of Endorsements and Awards in Business Growth

Third-party endorsements can be a strong marketing tool. They can make your business or product look legit and build on the trust that potential clients already have in the source of the endorsement or award.

Getting on the New York Times bestsellers list, for example, boosted Noah Kagan’s CRT for his book Million Dollar Weekend by 19%: 

Noah Kagan tweets about improved CTR thanks to NYT bestsellers list

Recognition of this kind can be key to improving your business or product’s position in the market. It might take work and planning, but the benefits are worth it.

When looking for endorsement, keep the following in mind: 

  • Look for awards that fit with your industry and learn how to apply for them. Boost has a handy list of various international awards categorized by industry. 
  • Share any endorsements or awards on your social media and website. Check out our guide on which social media sites you should focus on.
  • Mention these awards in your request for proposal (RFP) responses to highlight your reliability and trustworthiness.

Key Takeaway: Using endorsements and awards well can really help your business’s credibility and make it more appealing to potential clients.

Integrating Awards and Endorsements into Marketing and RFP Responses

Using awards and endorsements can give you an edge in marketing and RFP responses. It’s important to use them effectively. Showcasing these honors proves your excellence and reliability to potential clients.

According to Best Business Awards, large companies that won awards experienced a 48% increase in operating income and 37% growth in sales. Small businesses experienced a 63% increase and 39% growth:

Best business awards stats on endorsements and awards

Adding these achievements to your marketing materials boosts your brand’s visibility and credibility. When potential clients see that respected groups recognize your business, they’re more likely to trust and choose you. This trust is key to gaining new business and keeping current clients.

Here are tips on how to use your awards and endorsements well:

  • Put your awards on your homepage and a special awards page on your website.
  • Include the logos of the awarding bodies and endorsements in your email signatures and business cards.
  • Create case studies that show the work or projects that won the awards. Share these on your blog and social media.
  • Write press releases or news articles about your awards and publish them on industry platforms.

Key Takeaway: Using awards and endorsements in your marketing and RFP responses makes your business more attractive and credible to potential clients.

Last Thoughts on Leveraging Awards for Business Success

Using third-party endorsements and agency awards can be a powerful way to grow your business. These awards give you a special edge that can put you ahead of your competitors.

Actively seek and highlight these awards to build a brand that people trust and want to engage with. Although the process of winning these awards may seem tough, the benefits for your business, like increased sales and a stronger market position, are worth it. Think of this not as just a marketing move, but as a key part of your strategy for long-term success.

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