Increase Traffic by Using Keywords in Title

Using good keywords in your headline can help increase traffic to your site through search engines. Most blogs receive traffic from social media, however only their latest and greatest posts receive a high volume of traffic. What about the posts that are good, but never receive any traffic because they aren’t caught on by digg or stumble upon? That’s where keywords come into play. Keywords will help drive traffic from search engines to your old posts. Keywords alone won’t do the trick, you have to make sure your blog is optimized for search engines. The first step is spending a few minutes to do keyword research, which doesn’t have to be extensive, just something very top level. I use Overture’s keyword tool,it’s free and easy to use, the only down side is the tool is slow and doesn’t always load. Then search for keywords that best fit your topic and make sure to keep track of these stats (I usually write my blogs in Microsoft Word and have all extra information at the bottom). One thing people should not do is go keyword crazy. Keep the headline catchy and understandable. Check out Copy Blogger for great headline formulas. That’s all there is to it, it’s very easy to do and often overlooked. Remember…search engines are a blog’s best friend.

On my first blog, I followed all the steps to optimize for the search engines, but really missed the boat when it came to choosing the right keywords. My goal was to have my blog show up for my name, Sujan Patel. After a few months, I realized that no one cares about me (no one searched for my name). So recently, I started using keywords in my headlines and seeing fantastic results.

Keyword: “Instant Snow”

Headline: Instant Snow

keyword in headline example

Putting the keyword in the headline of a properly optimized blog will go a long ways. Notice the keyword appears in three places: the title, URL, and headline (which happens to be an H1 tag). Also notice there is hardly any content, just two sentences and a You Tube video. After 2 days of submitting this post, I ranked number 4 for “instant snow” and I rank number 7 as of today. This drives 10-12 visitors a day, which is not a huge number, however it adds up when you do this for all our posts.

google: Instant Snow

This just shows how important your headline is…so choose wisely (no pressure).

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