Simple Content Promotion Checklist to Skyrocket Traffic

If you're losing hair trying to figure out how to promote your content, this is the video for you! In this content marketing tutorial, Eric Siu shares his tried and true methods for promoting that will be sure to bring your traffic to a whole new level. Learn how to get more views to existing content and work with your new content to maximize initial launches.


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Full Transcript of The Video

Eric Siu: In this video I'm going to give you a content promotion checklist that you can take and skyrocket your traffic, and level up your business. My name is Eric Siu, I am the co-host of the Marketing School Podcast. Which is an every day podcast I host with Neil Patel. I also host the Growth Everywhere Podcast, which is a weekly entrepreneurial podcast where I bring you the best entrepreneurs in the world.
Here we go. The first thing is, make sure that you're creating content. You're consuming or you're watching this content right now, maybe you're listening to my podcast on top of that, which I hope you do. The question is, how do you go about promoting it? Because, a lot of people think they build it, and then they will come. It's not how it works. So I'm going to give you some of the table stake stuff first.
Make sure that you're hitting you're hitting your social media channels. Whether you're using Buffer, Hootsuite, and then using a tool like MeetEdgar to consistently publish the same thing over time. Assuming the content you're publishing is evergreen. Make sure you have some kind of cadence in place to do that, to take care of it. You can use Facebook Ads, and you can just boost your content. It's going to cost you. Maybe you could spend $5 a day, you could spend $1 a day just boosting your content, and you can see how far that's going to take your business.
With Facebook you can target the right people. So you don't necessarily need to be a Facebook Ads expert, but have this framework built in, this process built in that your team can follow so you're getting your content out there, because Facebook is very much a pay to play platform. Today organic reach continues to decrease.
Look for people that have shared similar content. You can use a tool like BuzzSumo. You can just type in content marketing, or you can type in whatever your keyword is. You can find people that have shared similar content. That's going to help you. You can reach out to people that have tweeted that, you can reach out to people that have linked to that, ask them to share it, ask them to perhaps do some kind of collaboration with them as well.
That's the thing. A lot of people also forget about collaboration too. With this YouTube channel, we're growing. We started to do collaborations with people that have similar channel size. Maybe they're two, three, four X bigger, but they're willing to do collaborations, because I might have a relationship with them, or maybe they have something that you want. So maybe you guys have similar sized audiences. You guys can trade, and they'll siphon off a piece of your audience, and then you'll siphon off a piece of their audience. There's a lot of different things you can do from that perspective.
I think it's also really important, the stuff that I'm giving you right now, maybe you might have some ideas of your own, but put them into a checklist that makes everything easy to follow. Make sure that you're repurposing the content as well. So if you Google the content reusage workflow there's literally a framework you can follow. If a content piece is out of date, you could update it. If there is something you can add to it, you can expand it. You can repurpose a video like this into a blog post. You can repurpose it into a podcast. You can repurpose this into maybe a longer webinar, with a bunch of tips combined as well.
So those are just a couple things you can do. I'm just giving you a couple power ups. I'm curious to know what you're going to actually do with these power ups to actually level up your business. If you enjoyed this video just go ahead and hit subscribe, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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