The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools

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You say you want to find a tool to help you understand a little more about the crazy world of Twitter? Well, you're in luck – everything from tracking a package to viewing a conversation, from aggregating tweets into one account to searching on anything, there is a tool that can do it. Remember, this list is going to be different from one written in 2009, or others coming in 2013 – but all the services are ready to help you right now in 2011.

Manage Your Account

You want to make sure your presence on Twitter is noticeable, so start off on the right foot and personalize it a little!

Multiple Users

  • ConnectTweet – multiple people trying to use your corporate account? This aggregates the tweets about your company from your employees, and attributes each tweet to its respective author.
  • GroupTweet – Create a new account – and then everyone who is following it can DM each other. (“Twitter narrowcasting” – cute slogan)

Schedule Tweets

  • Timely – automatically schedules your tweets at the times which have worked best for you in the past!
  • FutureTweets – schedule tweets to be posted in the future.
  • TweetRemote – post your tweets to your blog, too

Create a Background

Download Tweets

  • TweetSaver – save, search, and organize your tweets

From Your Email

  • Topify – manage your Twitter account from your email
  • NutshellMail – another way to manage Twitter from your email
  • TwitterMail – tweet from your email
  • Twimail – get a more informative email about someone who starts following you

Watch Conversation Trends

You want to be able to jump in if someone is talking about you or your niche, right? Well, that means you need to be listening for it!


  • Chirp City – latest tweets in and about a particular city (the landing page example is San Francisco)
  • – search what's being tweeted about. Best way to join a conversation!
  • – search Twitter, but exclude certain words
  • Sideline from Yahoo! – a Twitter search application using Adobe AIR
  • Twitterfall – watch trending topics (or any search results) waterfall down in realtime
  • Retweetist – current tweets containing “RT”

Search Aggregations

  • Twilert – get scheduled search results sent to your email
  • TweetBeep – get hourly updates from Twitter about your keywords
  • Stream Spigot – read public Twitter updates from specific users on an Atom feed – you don't even need a Twitter account
  • The Archivist – visualizations of archived tweets

Local and Brands

  • TwitterLocal – watch what people are saying about local places and small businesses
  • BrandChirp – look at what is being said about your brand on Twitter


  • Trendsmap – tags and words from tweets superimposed over a map
  • TwitterVision – fun visualization with real-time tweets popping up over a map (didn't work once, though)

Make Connections

If you can make relevant connections to people who are legitimately interested in what you are doing, that's what social media is all about!

Threaded Conversations

  • TweetChat – view conversations based on the hashtags used
  • Twonvo – see full threaded Twitter conversations


  • WeFollow – a directory of Twitter users – currently over 900,000 strong!
  • TweetFind – another Twitter directory
  • Twellow – Twitter Yellow Pages

New Followers

  • Twitaholic – showing feeds from top Twitter users
  • Be A Magpie –  Pay people to tweet about you – or get paid to tweet!
  • Twithelp – answer people's questions on Twitter and make meaningful connections

Manage Connections

Will you follow back all of your followers? When is a lot of tweets too much to read? How are your followers connected together?

Mute the Talkative

  • Poxlet – mute users, block apps, and just make your Twitter feed easier to listen to.
  • TwitterSnooze – mute users temporarily

Analyze Followers

  • Refollow – group your follows and followers by relationship, importance, and more.
  • Qwitter – see who is unfollowing you, and when.
  • Tweeter Karma – sort your followers and followees to see if they have reciprocated or not.
  • My Tweeple – another way to analyze who is following you
  • Tweeterate – rate the tweets of others, and see if others think you are annoying
  • Twerp Scan – monitor which of your followers or friends are actually spammers or bots
  • Twitter Grader – do you really want to see how influential you are on Twitter?
  • FriendorFollow – who are you following who is not following you back?

Measure Stats

We live in the age of measuring everything! Know how well your tweets work depending on all sorts of factors.

Analytics of Tweets

Analytics of Links

  • TweetBurner – clickthrough tracking of the links you tweet
  • Backtweets – shows the number of people who tweeted a particular link – more analytics
  • Twitt(url)y – see which links have been tweeted lately
  • Twitter Charts – a chart showing the times and days someone is most active on Twitter
  • – offers statistics on the shortened links you tweet
  • – super simple sharing and some statistics
  • TweetMeme – aggregates popular links on Twitter

Know More about Your Followers

What are your followers interested in? What can you say that will resonate with them?

Link Followers

Poll Followers

  • Twtpoll – post a poll and get feedback from your followers
  • Polldaddy – another way to poll your Twitter and Facebook followers

Share Stuff

Twitter is great for sharing thoughts or links – but to share multimedia, you might want to use one of these tools as a go-between.

Share Files

Share Photos

  • Twitpic – share photos on Twitter, including from your phone
  • Mobypicture – share photos on Twitter and other social sites
  • TwiCam – post animated gifs taken from your computer or webcam
  • Sparkbooth – make your computer a photo booth
  • Skitch – doodle on your screenshots or photos, then share them

Share Screenshots

  • DesktopTweet – tweet screenshots – instantly
  • Tweetshots – take screenshots of tweets, then share them again

Share Notes

  • Postica – create sticky notes, and then send them on Twitter
  • QuoteURL – display tweets from different people on a single URL – permanently


All the other things you didn't know Twitter could do:

  • TrackThis – track your packages via Twitter – or SMS, or RSS, or email, or…
  • Twittercal – tweet appointments to your Google calendar

Web Dashboards

Want a change of interface? These dashboards are websites optimized to use Twitter in different ways, whether you want to see more detail or less!

  • Followize – simple, streamlined Twitter interface
  • HootSuite – manage multiple social profile accounts, schedule tweets – full-service dashboard
  • Accessible Twitter – dashboard optimized for everyone, including users with disabilities
  • TweetGrid – if you're ready for information overload, watch multiple conversations at the same time
  • Aol Lifestream – monitor conversations across multiple social sites


Just want to fire up an app and get tweeting? Here are your choices for many platforms.

  • TweetGenius – a pretty and functional BlackBerry Twitter app
  • OpenBeak – super simple Twitter updates on BlackBerry
  • Viigo – a different look at Twitter, including a comprehensive search function – for BlackBerry
  • Blackbird – small, fast, and simple for BlackBerry
  • Tweetr – iPhone app with auto-save, drafts, and scheduling for tweets
  • Twitter for iPhone – just what it says: an iPhone app for Twitter
  • Echofon for iPhone – another iPhone app
  • Twidroyd – Twitter for the Droid, including live preview of links
  • Dial2Do – Twitter updates by voice


What if you could manage Twitter without even launching a browser?

  • twhirl – manage lots of different profiles from your desktop
  • Snitter – powered by Adobe AIR
  • Destroy Twitter – clean and simple, a small desktop app just for Twitter

Cross-Platform (Web, Mobile and/or Desktop)

Though you can use all these different tools to update Twitter wherever you are, sometimes it's nice to have some consistency. Here are some tools that let you use Twitter the same way from many different places.

  • Seesmic – browser, mobile, and desktop, plus management of multiple profiles
  • UberSocial – BlackBerry, iPhone, and desktop client
  • Twitterrific –  for a Mac desktop, plus iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
  • TweetDeck – desktop, Android, and Chrome
  • Spaz – a fun client for mobile and desktop

Did I miss your favorite? Speak up and it will be added!

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