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These days there are a wealth of tools at our disposal for making money online through your blog. Yet with all of these options many bloggers tend to place their focus on Google's AdSense program alone. Although this program is profitable for many people, diversity is the key factor to experiencing increased financial gain from your marketing efforts.

The old saying “don't place all of your eggs in one basket” rings true with this topic. Spreading your advertising across multiple channels allows your ads to appeal to a larger audience, therefore increasing your chances for that golden click or affiliate sale.

Just because your blog doesn't receive several thousand visitors a day or have a high page rank, does not mean that you are locked into some third dimension filled with AdSense. There are other options out there that can and will work better for you. When seeking a new advertising strategy, keep an open mind and consider your topic of interest, you want to keep your advertising relevant to your niche. Below are some ideas for you to consider while in the market for a new advertising strategy.

  • Practically every market or niche has a product. This may be a book, merchandise or something physical that an interested consumer can purchase. These products make exceptional affiliate opportunities for you to market. Consider placing Amazon affiliate links at the bottom of a post rather than Adsense. Prominently display a list of your favorite books on the subject, directly in your sidebar. Affiliate sales often have considerably higher payouts than a pay-per-click form of advertising.
  • Advertise your interest in writing paid reviews for new products and other blogs in your niche. Setup a little review me button with a direct link to pay via PayPal. Allowing an advertiser the opportunity to pay immediately will often drive more sales on impulse alone. If you require them to first contact you and discuss the review, you will likely lose the sale. You can always refund them if the review is something you do not wish to cover.
  • Check out in-text advertising. Although this is highly debated form of advertising, some consider it intrusive. Many bloggers are realizing nice profits from this and remember you are keeping options open. One of the most popular companies providing this is Kontera, so they are a good place to start.
  • Selling text links on your blog is another great way to make some income. Many small blogs tend to sell one sponsored blogroll link for between $5 and $15 dollars per month. As your traffic increases you will have the ability to demand larger amounts for these placements.

Remember that above is only some of the options available to you. Get creative and find unique ways to monetize your blog. These days people have trained their eyes to avoid advertisements as advertising surrounds us each day. So you have to be on constant lookout for something different that may stand out enough to warrant a click or make a sale. Visit your competitors blogs and see what techniques they are using to make money. Ask others what has worked for them, some bloggers may be happy to share.

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