Here’s How Giving Away Free Content Reaps Big Rewards

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Without a doubt, brands have increased their investment in content marketing exponentially as its value has become more evident.

In fact, companies invest $5.2 billion a year in content creation, while over two thirds of B2B companies rate content as one of the three most important assets in their marketing arsenal.

Content pays great dividends to brands that know how to leverage it properly. And many marketers recognize that giving content away for free can be one of the most effective ways to build their brand equity. So how can you emulate their strategy?

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How Can Free Content Provide Value to Your Brand?

There are a number of reasons that giving away free content can pay off:

Establish Your Brand as an Expert

Research has shown that 45% of a company’s reputation is directly related to what it says. Providing exceptional content for free is a great way to establish your organization as an industry leader which can lead to new online customers. Consider this: 


The path I'm trying to draw for you is that if you provide blog posts and articles on your site and elsewhere that are professionally written and full of quality information, potential customers will include that in their research, bookmark and/or share the page, and remember you as an expert forever after.

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Generate Leads

When you offer content for free, you—obviously—aren’t charging the people who want to consume that content. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get something of value out of the exchange. When providing free content, there’s often a tacit agreement implied that the consumer is open to receiving future messages. When someone reads your expert blog post that is chock-full of valuable information, that brings them that much closer to being a qualified—and voluntary—lead.

If it suits your business model and your industry, you can always require that people create a free account or provide their contact information if they want to access your content. This gives you the opportunity to follow up with them in the future—hopefully giving you the chance to convert them into paying customers at a later date.

Free Bonus Download: Get your very own guide to giving away free content! Click here to download it free.