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How Finimize Founder Max Rofagha Quickly Built An Email Community of Over 1M Subscribers
Leveling Up Podcast

How Finimize Founder Max Rofagha Quickly Built An Email Community of Over 1M Subscribers

Today, Eric talks to Max Rofagha, the founder of Finimize, a newsletter that makes news from the world of finance so simple that anyone can understand it and become their own financial advisor. Max shares how he came up with the idea, how he originally started a website, and why he adapted it to a newsletter. In this episode, he provides some insight into the timeline of the business, how the company makes money, and how, in a short space of time, this email community has grown to over one million subscribers. Tuning in, you’ll hear his thoughts on paid ads, how he goes about finding the best writing talent, and why he hires analysts, not journalists. Find out Max’s thoughts on the creator economy and where he sees it going, as well as the trends he’s excited about in this space. To hear some tips on helpful books and resources Max uses to level up his own skills, and insight into where he sees opportunities in the creator economy and the world of business in general, tune in today!   

When to Seriously Consider Dropping Out of College #1808
Marketing School Podcast

When to Seriously Consider Dropping Out of College #1808

In episode #1808, Neil and Eric talk about when you should consider dropping out of college. Despite both attending college, they believe that it is not necessary for everyone. If you think you might be one of those people, tune in today to hear it all! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:25] Today’s topic: When to Seriously […]

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Leveling Up Marketing Training

Customized, expert-led training packages to ensure you level up your marketing and business. This program gives you the high-impact, immediate strategies to building a content machine, 10X-ing your site traffic, and leveling up your knowledge or your team’s skill level.

Bootcamp With Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Over the years, both Neil Patel & Eric Siu have found that groups of likeminded people playing at the same level with the same aspirations has been a powerful key to unlocking growth. Think of this as your VIP ticket to scaling your business exponentially.

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