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How to do a Daily Marketing Standup  | Ep. #1437
Marketing School Podcast

How to do a Daily Marketing Standup | Ep. #1437

In episode #1437, we discuss how to do a daily marketing stand-up and the benefits of doing so when it comes to ads and scaling your business. These short meetings are invaluable for getting team members on the same page and ensuring that data is shared across your organization. Tune in to hear what kind […]

Consciously Building Culture into Your Company's DNA with Wade Foster from Zapier | Ep. #368
Leveling Up Podcast

Consciously Building Culture into Your Company's DNA with Wade Foster from Zapier | Ep. #368

Zapier CEO and co-founder, Wade Foster, joins on us on Leveling Up today to discuss his business, remote work and the vital importance of building a company culture! It became apparent to Wade quite early on in the journey of Zapier that if they were going to grow in the right way and continue to scale what they were doing, a well-suited company culture was necessary. This led to the development of their ethos and core values and these steps have served the company immensely in recent years! We get to hear from Wade about some of the financial aspects of the company, including their freemium model and the way they lay out their pricing plan. He also comments on leadership, with particular reference to the challenges posed by a crisis. The global pandemic has provided many challenges for us all and Wade weighs in on his approach to these and making the most of the connected opportunities. The conversation also covers the utility of podcast appearances, hiring practices at Zapier, and profit-sharing! Tune in and hear it all!

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Leveling Up Marketing Training

Customized, expert-led training packages to ensure you level up your marketing and business. This program gives you the high-impact, immediate strategies to building a content machine, 10X-ing your site traffic, and leveling up your knowledge or your team’s skill level.

Bootcamp With Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Over the years, both Neil Patel & Eric Siu have found that groups of likeminded people playing at the same level with the same aspirations has been a powerful key to unlocking growth. Think of this as your VIP ticket to scaling your business exponentially.

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