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Never Polish A Turd. | Ep. #1578
Marketing School Podcast

Never Polish A Turd. | Ep. #1578

In episode #1578, we talk about why you should never polish a turd. Turds in our definition are bad ideas; no matter how well you market your turd or how well you polish it, the chances are it will fail. Tune in today and learn about why your work hours are better spent finding a […]

MrBeast Gave Away A Lamborghini (Here Are The Key Business Lessons)
Leveling Up Podcast

MrBeast Gave Away A Lamborghini (Here Are The Key Business Lessons)

We are returning to the story of MrBeast and his YouTube success for this episode and today we unpack a lesson about the role of trust in getting conversions on your offer. It is not always about how good your offer is, in most cases, as with the example of MrBeast giveaways, trust needs to be established before someone will commit. Listen in to hear how you can apply this to your business.

— Marketing Training

Leveling Up Marketing Training

Customized, expert-led training packages to ensure you level up your marketing and business. This program gives you the high-impact, immediate strategies to building a content machine, 10X-ing your site traffic, and leveling up your knowledge or your team’s skill level.

Bootcamp With Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Over the years, both Neil Patel & Eric Siu have found that groups of likeminded people playing at the same level with the same aspirations has been a powerful key to unlocking growth. Think of this as your VIP ticket to scaling your business exponentially.

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