The Simplest Way to Make 6 Figures as a Marketer | Ep. #572

In episode #572, Eric and Neil explain ways that you can easily make 6 figures as a marketer. Tune in to hear how to prove yourself to be a valuable asset.


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: The Simplest Way to Make 6 Figures as a Marketer
  • [00:37] Go work for someone!
  • [00:56] Working for someone was educational and lucrative for Eric.
  • [01:45] Don’t switch jobs too frequently, because you will be seen as a job hopper.
  • [02:10] However, switching companies can be more lucrative (raises, better benefits).
  • [02:28] The easiest way to make 6 figures is to do a tear-down of a website.
  • [02:52] Break down in Google Docs or Word where they can improve and how to fix it.
  • [03:20] Email the document to the founder and CEO in separate chains.
  • [04:29] There’s a good chance they will find you valuable and pay you just to solve the problems you outlined.
  • [04:55] Eric used this method and emailed the CEO of Zynga.
  • [05:19] It doesn’t matter if you’ve been marketing for 20 years or 1 year, identifying a problem and pointing out the solution is an easy way to prove yourself valuable and put you on the road to 6 figures.
  • [05:52] Eric recommends chasing opportunity rather than salary, in most instances.
  • [06:10] You don’t have to build a product, you could always do performance marketing.
  • [06:35] That’s all for today!
  • [06:39] Go to for a special marketing tool giveaway!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Announcer: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the gile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors Neal Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School, I'm Eric Siu.

Neal Patel: And I'm Neal Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we are going to talk about the simplest way to make six figures as a marketer. Way number one is really easy. A lot of people think that ... And I'll share an anecdote here. A lot of people think that you need to have a product. You need to have something to sell initially, but a really easy way to make six figures, as a marketer first, is just to go work for somebody. Here's the thing, when I first started to learn marketing. What was I? 24 years old, okay. I was reading a lot. I ended up getting an internship somewhere. And I ended up changing five jobs in the first year, but each job that I got was exponentially higher than the next one and it led to, really quickly, a six figure job within the first 12 months. That's a really easy way to do it. You learn a lot. You learn a lot about process. You learn about these systems from these different companies.
I learned a lot and people are like, "Well, I don't want to work for somebody else," but that one year, even if I just worked for somebody for one year, that's invaluable. That's one way to go about getting started. Neal, I'm sure you have some other thoughts.

Neal Patel: Yeah, and to keep in mind, with Eric switched jobs, if people see that you're switching jobs, some people will be okay with that. They're willing to pay you more, but others, like if you try working for my company, and we notice that you keep switching jobs, we'll look at you as a hopper. And we'll tend not to hire based on that. We want people who are really loyal to the company, to their brand, they're going to stick it through versus just hopping around, but Eric is spot on. When you switch jobs, you tend to make more.
I had a friend, she worked at Google, and she was telling me how she's going to leave Google for a bit and then she may end up coming back, but, in general, by doing that, when you leave, you typically can get a job, maybe a bit better pay, maybe same pay, but a better title. Then when you come back to the company you used to work for, you can, of course, get paid more. The tactic that I like telling people to use, if you're a marketer and you want to make six figures. Yes, you could work for someone, but the easiest way to get there is to do a tear down of a website. You got to Crunchbase, you look at all the recently funded companies that have raised, at least, three, four, if not five million plus.
You don't want to look for companies who have raised anything more than 10 million. The moment they raise more than 10 million, the chances are, they're doing most of their marketing stuff internally. When they raise between that amount, you want to take their site, do a tear down, and breakdown in a Google doc, or a Word document, every single item that they can change to improve their SEO, social media marketing, pay for click ads, whatever it may be that you're analyzing. Don't just tell them, "Here's what's wrong," breakdown step-by-step how to fix it.
In other words, if they can fix it by just reading the document and not even hiring you, you've done a good job. Then you want to take that document and email the founder. Then, separately, email the CEO. The founder in the email would be one, and then, separately, you would want to email the board of directors or lead investors. You can find out who the lead investors on Crunchbase. You can use to find email addresses. And by emailing out these people, let's say it's a lead investor, you would say, "Hey Michael, I know you invested in this company. There's a lot of things that are wrong. I just created a document that breaks down why this company won't grow as fast as they should be. Feel free to pass it on to the CEO. I'm trying to get in touch with him. Not really looking for anything, just hope that they succeed and you make a return on your investment."
Investors put money into a company looking for return. You bet they're going to actually send that to the CEO. Then, when you email the founder/CEO, same thing, "Hey so-and so, there's a lot of things wrong with your company. I know you just raised some money and you want to grow and succeed, but you're not going to grow as fast as you want because of these issues." And you break them down and, in most cases, they just raise money. They're not looking to solve it on their own. They rather just hire you and give you the money to fix all their problems for them. That's the quickest way to make six figures as a marketer. A lot of those people will be willing to pay you five, 10 grand a month to solve the problems that you just outlined for them.

Eric Siu: 100%. Actually, Neal, do you remember this? This is about a year, this is when you were ... When was this? Yeah, this is a year into me learning digital marketing and then, somehow, I got connected with Neal and I did exactly what Neal was mentioning. I found out Zinga was doing Zinga Poker, at the time, they were considering going into real money. Well, I sent an email out to the CEO and then we actually ended up getting a conversation. Do you remember that?

Neal Patel: I do and you were breaking down all the conversations and what they're asking. You were even asking me how you could can end up working out a deal, but that was pretty amazing, and it works. It doesn't matter if you're a serial entrepreneur and you've been doing marketing for 20 years, or you're just new into the marketing space. Helping people and showing them what's wrong, is the easiest way to generate revenue.

Eric Siu: Yeah, so what I would say, and Neal's completely right. When we look at hiring people, same for us too, we don't want to look at ... The hoppers are the ones that it is a red flag. Then sometimes you ask them, "Why did you hop around so much?" But if we're talking about yourself, then it's really important for you to sometimes think about, "Is it more about learning about, or getting a higher salary, or is it about the opportunity?"
Especially when you're starting out, when you're trying to get to that six figures, I would recommend chancing the opportunity and foregoing the salary. In some cases, sometimes I would take a decrease in salary because I thought I could learn more. And it, actually, ended up working out for me, so your gut feeling, sometimes, in these situations helps out a lot.
The final thing I'll say is, let's say you go work for somebody else this simple way, gets you to six figures, but it doesn't jive with you. You don't necessarily have to build a product. You can still, with your good marketing skills, end up going down the route of performance marketing or affiliate marketing, whatever you want to call it, and you can promote something that way. There are a lot of affiliate marketers out there that make six, seven, figures plus, and they do really well.
Neal, anything else?

Neal Patel: That's it from my end and thank you guys for listening. We have a special giveaway for you. You guys can find it at We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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