Is Bing Worth Your Attention? | Ep. #338

In Episode #338, Eric and Neil discuss if Bing is worth your attention. Tune in to learn why you should hop on Bing if you’re reaching an older demographic and the benefits and tools offered by Bing that will drive your ROI.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: Is Bing Worth Your Attention?
  • 00:33 – Google search share is around 60% and Bing’s share growth is increasing faster
  • 01:00 – Yahoo is at 12% which is next to Bing and the rest are just small share sites
  • 01:12 – If you have things working out on Google, bring them to Bing
  • 01:25 – Some of Eric’s clients that are using Google AdWords are on Bing as well
  • 01:32 – Neil did tests with Bing and Bing has an older demographic
    • 01:40 – If you’re targeting an older audience, Bing is a good channel for you
  • 02:05 – Bing has some great SEO tools
  • 02:48 – Bing is old, it works and drives positive ROI
  • 02:55 – The cost of PPC (price per click) is cheaper
  • 03:06 – Bing and Google don’t want to share the same top results
  • 03:38 – Marketing School is giving away a free 1-year annual subscription to Drip which is an email service provider
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  • 04:30 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Bing is similar to Google; therefore, what you have on Google will probably work on Bing as well.
  2. Bing has SEO tools that make it easier for you to track your ranking on Bing.
  3. Bing is cheaper, it works well, and drives positive ROI.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the gile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors, Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Hello, and welcome to another edition of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: Today, we're going to talk about if Bing is worth your attention. Just for some context, Google's search share is about 63ish, 64ish percent, but Bing is actually ... Their search share is growing a little faster if you look at the latest numbers. I think they're still around ... You can take a look, and Neil, you might know better than I do, but maybe it's around 20ish percent, 23ish percent or some-

Neil Patel: It's around 21% according to comScore, so it is a decent amount, and then, funny enough, Yahoo is last place at 12%. Then, from there, it's just a ton of small players who don't even matter.

Eric Siu: I would say Bing is, from a search advertising perspective, if you have things working in Google, why not carry it over into Bing because it's basically ... You're looking at people that are still searching. It's the same kind of search bidding platform similar to Google AdWords, so I would say, for all of our clients that we do Google AdWords for, almost all of them were doing some form of Bing advertising, as well.

Neil Patel: The way I look at it is I've done a ton of tests with Bing. It seems that they have a older demographic than Google. If you're targeting the older people for your products, your services, whatever it may be, Bing is a really good channel. Think of it this way. Although it's roughly 1/3 the size of Google or 1/4 the size, depending on the data source, if you're going after a older audience, that number is actually quite a bit greater, while on Google, what we found is there's much younger demographics, so if you're going after a younger audience, Bing isn't going to provide that much attraction, but if you're going after older demographics, it is worth leveraging.

Eric Siu: The other thing is Bing has some great SEO tools, as well. You might not have heard of them before, but check off ... Just search Bing SEO tools, and it does have some interesting ... I think maybe it's very similar to Bing Webmaster or, sorry, Google-

Neil Patel: Google Webmaster.

Eric Siu: Google Search Console, we should say, so it's very similar, but it does have some additional benefits. I remember last time I messed around with it was a couple years ago, but I do remember when I actually did the stuff, it was worth my time, but a short answer is, from my end at least, is, yes, Bing is worth your attention, and don't forget about it because people are talking about all the sexy new stuff. They're talking about Snapchat ads, [Corra 00:02:44] ads, Apple search ads, and things like that, but don't forget about Bing.

Neil Patel: It's old. It works. It consistently can drive a positive ROI and, in many cases, the cost per click for paid advertising is cheaper on Bing because it's not as competitive, but we also found, from an SEO perspective, is you either rank on Google or Bing. It's not that their algorithms are really different. It's more so that Bing and Google don't want to showcase the same results at the top, so pretty much is a one or the other type of game. There's a lot of articles on the web on Google SEO or Bing SEO, and you can just Google it or Bing it and just pick one of them and follow the tips, and you should rank high on whatever search engine that you want.

Eric Siu: Great. I think that's pretty straightforward. That's it for today. We will see you tomorrow.
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