How To Manage Your First Marketing Hire if You’re Not a Marketer Yourself | Ep. #386

In Episode #386, Eric and Neil discuss how to manage your first marketing hire if you’re not a marketer yourself. Tune in to learn the right questions you need to ask a potential marketing hire and the importance of a marketer being able to plan and hit expected, weekly goals.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How To Manage Your First Marketing Hire if You’re Not a Marketer Yourself
  • 00:44 – Neil wants to find out how a marketer plans their week—it should be planned in a way that improves the business
  • 01:09 – Neil shares a sample plan a marketer might use
    • 01:33 – There should be expected results and goals
  • 01:50 – From Eric’s perspective, there’s a deadline they should hit and they should do what they set out to do
  • 02:28 – Eric asks the questions he asks to see if you can be the best fit for his team
  • 03:00 – Eric has a one-on-one with his developers and marketers to know if they’re hitting their goals
  • 03:36 – Marketing School is giving away a free 1 year subscription to Crazy Egg which is a visual analytics tool
  • 04:20 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. A marketer needs to make a plan and track their progress, ensuring that goals and deadlines are met.
  2. If you’re not a developer or marketer but want to hire one, ask the developers and marketers you know and find out the questions you need to be asking your potential hire.
  3. Make sure you consistently update and touch base with your first marketing hire.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil : And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric: And today we're going to talk about how to manage your first marketing hire if you're not a marketer yourself. So, aka the question is how do you manage a marketer without losing your shirt? Same thing as if you're not a developer, how you manage a developer? Neil, what are your thoughts around this?

Neil : Best thing that I like doing is, I want to find out what they are going to do each week. The way I run marketing is I go and say, "Alright. What are the biggest things that are stopping us from growing? Is it traffic related conversion related to Google, social media, whatever it is." Each week pick tasks that you guys are going to do, or the person is going to do, to help improve the business. Now these tasks may fail and they may not do well and that's okay, right? Marketing is all about experimentation. By Monday, they tell you what they're going to do for the week. By Friday, they can report with you, "Hey here's what I did. I outlined six things on Monday and here's what I did by Friday. I did five of them or I did six of them or I did seven. Why did I miss some? How are the results? Did they work? Did they not work? How are we going to adapt and what are we going to do next week?" It's really that simple. They should pretty much be breaking down what they are going to do each week, what are the expected results, right? Projections, estimations, and then if they hit them or they didn't hit them. If they didn't hit them, what did they learn and what are they going to do in the future in so that you're more likely to hit your goals?

Eric: Yeah. And from a tactical perspective, what I do, and I'll take this in the context of managing the developers and designers we have on a team; I'm not a developer nor am I a designer, but it's either you have very specific deadlines, you're doing what you said you're going to do, and you can evaluate the work, right? It's either getting done or it's not. Developers that I've had to, or marketers that I've had to part ways with in the past ... They're just not getting what they said they would do done, or they're not getting it done on time. If you're looking to grow a business, you've got to get things done on time, you've got to follow deadlines.
At the end of the day when I look at developers that ... Again, I'm talking about this in the same context as if you're not a marketer, right? I'll ask developer friends like, "Hey, what are some questions or what are some things I should be looking out for? What kind of assessments should I be running?" I used to think assessments are a waste of time. But when there's a sales assessment that we're running people through right now, that actually shows who's actually a good closer, who isn't and who has propensity to be a good fit on your team. There are groups that you can reach out to, to actually run these assessments for you. It's not a DISC assessment, it's more than that. That's one thing you can do. Again, Neil talked about project managing and tracking what they're doing. And also, what's critical for me every single week I have one on ones with my designers and developers to make sure that they're getting everything that they need, that they're engaged, that they're happy with what they're doing. With that, it's worked pretty well for me at least the last couple of years. I know for Neil's stuff, he's got a couple of software tools and he's not a developer, so same kind of idea, right?

Neil : Yup. You pretty much go it right. I think we've pretty much covered everything in this episode.

Eric: Alright. So before we go, we have a one year annual subscription of Crazy Egg that we would like to bring to you. So, Neil what is Crazy Egg?

Neil : Crazy Egg is a visual analytics tool. It's shows you where people click, where they don't. It'll show you even where people are dropping off within your funnel. You're like, "Let's hear your form fills." The exact steps, so you can then modify them to maximize your conversion rate. You can run A/B tests through Crazy Egg. You can watch user recordings. You can even make changes using the app because we have a WYSIWYG editor. You don't have to be a designer/developer to now make marketing changes.

Eric: Alright. If you want to get in on this giveaway, you can actually get multiple entries. If you want to learn more just go to We're giving away one of these every single week, so get in while you can. We're doing this for the next year. Again, We will see you tomorrow.

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