How to Convert Your Leads into Paying Clients | Ep. #256

In Episode #256, Eric and Neil discuss how to convert your leads into paying clients. Tune in to learn the most effective ways to convert your leads, such as being mindful of your response time and how often you check in with your clients. Eric and Neil also explain why documenting your leads is essential in scaling your business.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Today’s topic: How to Convert Your Leads into Paying Clients
  • 00:40 – There was a study about calling your leads
    • 01:04 – One of Eric’s clients was impressed by their speed
    • 01:23 – If you don’t follow up on a deal quick enough, you will lose a lot of them
  • 01:30 – Converting a lead happens through a lot of follow up
    • 02:09 – Neil uses Yesware to keep track of the follow up
    • 02:29 – Some people focus more on the content without tracking if the leads are opening up or not
  • 03:03 – Track how often you touch base with your client
    • 03:25 – Have a process so it’s easier to pass this onto another person, if needed
    • 03:30 – Document your tracking
  • 03:47 – If you’re trying to scale a business, you need to have everything documented and not just in your head
  • 03:55 – Once you have something on paper, you know where to find it
  • 04:09 – Neil refers to F1 racing as an example
  • 04:42 – Converting requires fine tuning the process
  • 05:11 – What clients said about Eric that made them convert
  • 05:46 – For every lead that doesn’t convert, get in contact with them, and talk to them about why they didn’t sign up
    • 06:03 – Answer their objections for future pitches
  • 06:14 – Marketing School is giving away a copy of Yesware, which is a great sales tool
    • 06:45 – To enter, subscribe, rate and review Marketing School
    • 06:49 – Text MAREKTINGSCHOOL to 33444
  • 06:59 – Eric and Neil paid for the giveaway and wants the listeners to know how helpful the tools are
  • 07:22 – That’s it for today’s episode!

3 Key Points:

  1. Call your leads and follow up ASAP—speed is a huge factor when it comes to sealing a deal.
  2. The more you follow up on your leads, the more chance you have for them to convert.
  3. Know your customer’s objections and use this knowledge to fine tune your process and responses.

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