7 Simple Copy Hacks That’ll Allow You to Sell Anything | Ep. #602

In episode #602, Eric and Neil count out 7 hacks that will help you increase your revenue. Tune in to hear these great hacks!


  • [00:27] Today’s Topic: 7 Simple Copy Hacks That’ll Allow You to Sell Anything
  • [00:35] #1: Take a look at what everyone in your space is doing.
  • [01:03] Focus your copy on a niche instead of directly competing with others content.
  • [01:33] By tailoring to a specific audience, your conversions will go up.
  • [01:54] #2: Check out Backlinko.
  • [02:01] All the posts are easy to read. Model yoru content after this.
  • [02:40] #3: Integrate testimonials and case studies that prove your point.
  • [03:10] Make sure you include more than one testimonial.
  • [03:20] Make it more of a story.
  • [03:33] #4: Emaildrips will help you draw inspiration on what to do next.
  • [03:59] #5: Do the opposite pitch of what is on your landing page.
  • [04:30] Most of your visitors won’t convert, but re-market to your core audience. Send them to a different landing page and try a more emotional pitch.
  • [05:10] #6: Generate a sense of urgency (Swiped is a great resource for this).
  • [06:15] #7: Make sure you have a relevant call to action.
  • [06:45] Relate your calls to action to everything you see on your homepage.
  • [07:04] That’s all for today!
  • [07:06] Go to Singlegrain.com/Giveway for a special marketing tool giveaway!

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Speaker 1: Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to Marketing School with your instructors Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

Eric Siu: Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Siu.

Neil Patel: And I'm Neil Patel.

Eric Siu: And today we're going to talk about seven simple copy hacks that will allow you to sell anything. Neil, what's number one?

Neil Patel: Sure, number one for you is taking a look at what everyone in your space is doing. So everyone in your space, let's say they're a email marketing solution. They're going be talking about affordable email marketing or they're gonna be talking about email automation or whatever it is. It can even be the same thing with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening that does X Y and Z or within 30 minutes or whatever it may be. You're gonna have competition.
Instead of taking your copy and making it similar to theirs, take your copy and focus on a niche. So if you're doing email marketing, email marketing for bloggers, right? If you're doing teeth whitening, you could end up doing this whole teeth whitening thing, around teeth whitening for actresses or models or whatever it may be or like, "Are you on screen all the time? Are you taking photos? Well you can't just have your teeth white, they have to be super pearly white, so much so that they have to blind people. Our teeth whitening solution is perfect for you 'cause it makes it super white." But by going so specific after a niche, even if the product is all the same, but you can tailor it more to a specific audience, you'll notice that your conversions will go up.
Yes, you may be feeling out that you're leaving out a big market, but in general, by carving a niche, what you'll find is, funny enough, it'll help you generate more revenue and later on you can expand from there.

Eric Siu: Number two, if you check out our friend backlinko.com, that's Brian Dean, if you look at all his posts, he only have about 30-ish, 32-ish posts on his site. But if you look at every single one they're very easy to read. We're talking each paragraph is literally one to three sentences or so and it's just very easy to continue down.
What happens is you actually end up reading a 4,000 word post and you have no idea what happened to you because of it's so simple to read. Now I believe he wrote a post on this ... I could be wrong here, but I believe it's called Bucket Brigades and I might have talked about this in the past, but just having something as simple and easy to read when it comes to email marketing or from blogging for example, just makes it very easy to get people to the end. And I think a lot of people struggle with that because they write walls of text that are just really difficult to follow and really overwhelming, so people tend to give up.

Neil Patel: Number three, everyone talks about testimonials, but they use testimonials in a wrong way. They put them at the bottom of their page or on their checkout page, or they sprinkle them throughout their webpage and that doesn't really help. Instead, when you're trying to make a point with your product or service, you wanna integrate the testimonials in the case studies that prove the point. And you don't just wanna put one, you wanna talk about, "Hey, this tactic, or this strategy, or this product is so effective when we're talking about teeth whitening or doubling your traffic or whatever it may be, that it's not just one person that saw this, it was three people. And here is someone who is an industry expert who believed it could have happened and then they used it and look, it worked for them as well."
But by not necessarily just sprinkling it through, by integrating it, and more so making it a story, what you'll find is, it'll boost your conversions, versus just saying, "Hey, testimonials and case studies can help boost conversions, so I'm gonna sprinkle 'em throughout my webpage."

Eric Siu: Number four. Go to emaildrips.com, there are a ton of email drip campaigns in here, basically from onboarding to the following seven emails or so. This is basically another site to draw inspiration for, not just 'cause it's emails, but any kind of copy at all will give you inspiration on what you should be doing next, so I always like tools like this, or not tools like this, but websites like this, that give me ideas.

Neil Patel: Number five. Do the opposite pitch that you're doing on your main sales page or landing page. Here's what I mean by this. Someone lands on your website. Whether it's through a paid ad, or organic or social media, you're pitching them. You're using logic or emotion to make your sale. It's typically one or the other. Sometimes it's both, but it's usually one or the other. Most of the people who come to your webpage won't convert. You're lucky if a few percentage point, all the way up to five percent convert into a paying customer.
Take everyone else who didn't convert, look at your ideal regions, do re marketing to them. So, for example, you know, we mainly service the U.S., so if we get people in South Africa coming to a site, even if they have money, we don't really re market to them, because we don't serve that region. But we'll take all the U.S. people, re market to them, and send them to a landing page that has a total opposite pitch.
So, if your main pitch that they first saw was logical and they didn't buy, we know that, hey, that probably didn't answer all of their objections. So, by making the same pitch, and sending them to the same exact landing page, won't really convince them to buy again. Instead, we send 'em to a page that's the total opposite, it'll probably make an emotional pitch, and we generate a lot of sales by doing that one little simple thing.

Eric Siu: The final thing I'll add, from my side is, generating a sense of urgency. I think even, this is just human psychology, right? So, having some sense of urgency, whether it's a three sequence, or a three day, you know, this is expiring in three days. Or this deal is going away. There's a ton of different examples out there. If you go to swiped.co, that's SWIPED.co, you're gonna get a lot of different examples out there.
So, you've got Frank Kern, you got Ryan Deiss, you got a lot of different copy writers out there. You got the Gary Halberts of the world. Just, if they'll show you, they do have some urgency related copy out there, whether it's emails, blog posts, whatever it is, exactly, you can see it all there. I recommend it. Just don't forget, we're all humans, when we see something that's urgent, we're gonna go out there, we're gonna go and do it. If you don't have urgency, it's not gonna help you, in terms of getting more sales. So, do we have any more?

Neil Patel: Yeah, one more from me. Last but not least, a lot of you guys have landing pages and they're long. And when you have long landing pages, you put call to actions throughout your page. That's the right thing to do. But when you're using your call to actions, they're probably very similar text and messaging to the one at the top.
Instead, what you wanna do is, throughout every section, when you're describing a different product or feature, or a subset of your product, you wanna make sure the call to action is very relevant.
So, for example on Crazyegg, we're running a test, and we found this to be very effective, when we're talking about the heat map feature, our call to action is show me my heat map. When we're talking about our A/B testing feature, our call to action is start a A/B test. When we're talking about our scroll map feature, our call to action is something around, show me my scroll map. As you can see, we're relating to the call to action, to every single section of the home page, or the landing page that they're reading. And by doing that, the conversions go up.
So, make sure you're just not sprinkling call to actions throughout your long landing pages, but more so, each one in each section, is relevant to the copy you write then and there.

Eric Siu: All right. So, that's it for today, but if you wanna go get our marketing goodies, just go to singlegrain.com/giveaway and we'll see you tomorrow.

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