How They Roll How Single Grain Rolls

  • They talk about having helped “many businesses just like yours”
    We think no business is just like yours
  • They are 100% positive they can help you
    We can help lots of businesses, but first we want to chat. Once we listen to you and understand your needs, only then will we know if we can help you
  • They've scored a few past clients
    We have a “Who's Who” list of clients worldwide: small, big, and massive.
  • Their team is comprised of recent B-school grads and maybe even some long-time ad agency types
    Our team is comprised of tech-startup founders and former marketing executives who had direct budget and ROI responsibility
  • They focus on your ad spend
    We focus on your ROI
  • They have commission-based “closers” on the other end of the line, dying to talk to you
    When you call us, you'll talk with someone on salary, not commission. That person's job is simply to see if our skills might be a match with your needs
  • You’ll have the direct email of an account rep
    You’ll have the direct email of the CEO, just so you have it
  • They probably have some people who are pretty good at what they do
    Single Grain is internationally recognized for digital marketing. Proof, our podcast:, where we “walk the talk”

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