World Class Google AdWords Management

Google is the most popular search engine in the world accounting for almost 70% of search engine market share. Every day Google users conduct over 5.9 billion searches to find what they’re looking for online. With the Google AdWords platform we can bid on keywords your ideal customers would search when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Google is the only marketing platform in the world where we can determine exactly what the user is looking for based on what they search. Once we know what they’re looking for we can show your product or service when it’s most relevant and they need you the most.

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What To Expect

  • keyword-intent-targeting
    Keyword & Intent Based Targeting
    We’ll target the keywords most likely to result in sales or leads for you based on what prospects are searching.
  • gears
    Real-Time Bidding & Quality Score Optimization
    Our team of AdWords experts will optimize your campaigns for top positions and the highest quality score possible.
  • display-advertising
    Display Advertising
    With the Google Display Network we can target relevant keywords and show our display ads when that keyword is used around the web.

What Do I Get Exactly?

  • star-globe
    World Class AdWords Management

    • World Class AdWords specialists
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Google AdWords certified professionals
    • Custom AdWords marketing strategy
  • research-targeting
    Research & Targeting

    • Keyword research
    • Display network placement research
    • Competitor targeting
    • Geo-targeting and day-parting to maximize ROI
  • testing-reporting
    Testing & Reporting

    • A/B testing of all ad creative
    • We’ll test paid search, display ads, and remarketing
    • Ongoing optimization of all campaigns
    • Bi-weekly progress reports with next steps and highlights
5.9 billion searches will be done today on Google – when your prospects are looking for your product or service will you show up?

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