Friday Night Links: The 3 Pillars of SEO

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Social media, link-building, and on-page changes: the three major building blocks of SEO. This week's articles were pretty evenly split among the themes, with plenty of variety within each category. Social media commentary focused on Facebook, including when to use Facebook comments and when to enable people to comment anonymously, as well as using photos, email campaigns, and social media teams. Link building looks long-term with articles about figuring out your USP and making sure you are getting high-quality links for long-term gain. And articles about on-page changes discuss everything from robots.txt files to quality copywriting.

Social Media

Why and how to use Facebook Comments on your blog (via Raven Blog)
Everything from step-by-step installation details with WordPress to the pros and cons of Facebook Comments themselves.

The value of the anonymous stranger (via WebpageFX Weekly)
Have you appreciated all of the anonymous strangers who have helped you via the internet over the years?

3 emails to increase retention (via Lifecycle Marketing blog)
Stay on your customers' radar with email, even if you don't have a newsletter.

6 Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Page With Photos (via Social Media Examiner)
Help your organization be visible and human by adding and tagging photos on your Facebook page.

Who Is Running Your Social Media Campaign? 5 Top Qualities Your Social Media Manager Should Have! (via
Make sure your social media efforts are connected and running smoothly with a good social media manager.

Links Building

What Makes an Effective Link Builder (via SEOmoz)
Two parts innate talent, plenty of experience in online communities, and a dash of hustle = a great link builder!

Link Building for Life: Determining Lifetime Link Value (via Search Engine Land)
How to get links whose value will not decrease over time.

How To Thrive In Crowded SERPs (via SEOBook)
Figure out what's unique about you – and make that the center of everything you do online.

On-page Improvements

SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep (via Search Engine Watch)
Approach your redesign as a team – and always, always, always use 301 redirects.

20 SEO Tips You Either Forgot or Didn't Know! (via SEO Design)
Plenty of SEO changes you can make on your site right now.

3 rules of great copywriting taught by Vogon poetry (via Conversation Marketing)
Don't laugh – Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a great place to look for writing advice, even if Vogon poetry is so bad you can't read it out loud.

This Week on Single Grain

How Blogging Has Changed Over the Years
A nice retrospective about where blogging has come from, and where it is today.

The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools
If you get too distracted having Twitter open in a separate tab, try using one of these desktop, mobile, or internet applications.

The Anatomy of Viral Content
What content could you write today that is likely to go viral?

How to Write for the Web
A step-by-step writing process.

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