Powerful Business Communication Suite Gets More Leads… for Less Ad Spend

Nextiva is a unified business communication SaaS suite, integrating phones with interactive voice response, call analytics, a multi-channel and sales CRM platform, live chat software, online survey software, and much more. They knew they provided a powerful IT solution for businesses — from small to enterprise — but wanted to take their marketing reach to the next level.

The Goal

While Nextiva was attracting leads, they wanted to optimize their ads for greater ROI — decreasing ad spend while generating more qualified leads. They came to Single Grain for help with their social advertising.

The Strategy

Single Grain worked with Nextiva to determine what lead would provide optimal down-funnel performance. We then identified the most cost-efficient audience segments and created messaging and design specifically to appeal to them. Using our ‘best of test’ methodology, we continued to optimize the ads and targeting.

Results with Single Grain

Single Grain decreased Nextiva’s cost per lead by 41.37% year-over-year on paid ads. Not only did Nextiva reduce their ad spend for the same number of leads, their lead quality was increased, meaning more customers for less money

-41.37% Cost-per-lead

Level Up Your Marketing Without Increasing Your Headcount
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