See how we were able to boost visibility across a range of common search terms

Intuit is one of just a few of the hundreds of clients Single Grain has helped, and some of the challenges we worked on and solved together.

The Opportunity

Intuit has massive name recognition for tax and personal-finance services. Intuit realized that its customers might be receptive to getting easy-to-use tools for other parts of their businesses, like website creation. After doing a lot of research with customers and on the competition, Intuit developed and launched the Intuit Website Builder.

The Challenge

When you’re a household name for one service, how do you get visibility and become known for a new, very different service? And to make matters even more challenging, how do you break into a marketplace that’s dominated by single-focus competitors like GoDaddy?

The Approach

Intuit asked Single Grain to help with gaining visibility in organic search results. Our first task was to build out a lot of content on the site, so the quality of that content would reinforce Intuit’s positioning as a powerful website-building solution.

Dozens of proven link-building techniques exist, and they vary in terms of effectiveness depending on the industry they’re used in, among other factors. We conducted a deep competitive analysis to determine the proper mix of link-building techniques for Intuit’s website-builder space.

We then ramped up the blogging and social-media effort, in order to engage with the existing large community of Intuit users, and connect with new potential users who may be actively interested in site-building solutions.

Results with Single Grain

In a highly competitive keyword environment, we were able to boost visibility across a range of common search terms.

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