The Top 5 Growth Strategies That Allowed Me To Go From $10k/Mo to +$100k/Mo As A Consultant
With Clients Like Lyft & Amazon


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What If You Could Follow A Proven System To Scale Your Consulting Business To +$1,000,000/year?

Consulting School walks you through STEP-BY-STEP how to get better clients, charge more, and automate your systems. Includes courses + monthly coaching with Eric

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"Consulting School added $20,000 to our business in just 3 months!"
Roberto Puddy (Co-Founder of UseGrowth)

The problem

If you’ve ever bought consulting training, or joined a coaching program, you’ve likely run into one of two scenarios:

A) The training is taught by an “expert” parroting info you already know.

Or worse...

B) The training is taught by someone who USED to be a consultant, but quit, and now just sells courses & coaching.

I’ve had this problem, consultants I’ve talked to have this problem, and I bet you do too.

Because of this, I decided to create something better.

Why is Consulting School the solution?

Unlike “experts”... I’m running a multi 7-figure consulting business right now. That means what I’m sharing actually works, and I have the results (and story) to prove it.

When I started consulting in 2014 I struggled to get off the ground.

I couldn’t stop making wrong decisions, and I almost called it quits several times.

But through trial-and-error...

I learned how to hire the right people by hiring the wrong people.

I learned how to charge more by charging less than what I was worth.

And I learned how to scale by doing many, many things that didn’t scale.

Through my own mistakes, I discovered what actually works vs. what doesn’t, then used that wisdom to scale to multiple 7-figures in revenue.

That’s why I created Consulting School so that you can copy what actually works without wasting your time & money making mistakes.

What do you get?

Monthly coaching and 3 crazy in-depth courses. Just follow along and you’ll scale!

Course #1

How To Transform The Way You Acquire Clients And Maximize Retention

This is an introduction to my 8-figure consulting methods. You’ll start by honing in on your positioning (or what I like to call, your ‘zone of genius’). Then, you’ll learn the easy way to sell your services for more money. This course ends with a training on how to provide a standout, 7-star client experience.

Course #2

How To Build An Inbound Sales Funnel That Acquires Customers On Autopilot

Next, you’ll learn how to swipe my content marketing framework for automatic lead gen. I show you how to convert inbound traffic even if you’ve only ever focused on outbound. My exact keyword research and content frameworks. I also guide you step-by-step in building a “content engine” so you get more results from your content in much less time.

Course #3

How to Maximize Organic Lead Generation Using Our SEO Playbook

Finally, this course connects all the dots. You’ll learn how to plug in what you’ve learned from the previous courses into your own business for maximum efficiency. Culminating in page 1 rankings for your toughest keywords, and a host of inbound leads ready to convert (using my award-winning SEO playbook).

...MORE than just courses!

This is not just a program you go through on your own.
You also get monthly coaching and access to a network of consultants.
(aka, accountability!)

Monthly Group Coaching

Join me and a handful of other successful consultants live on Zoom. I start each session off with a lesson, then you can fire away with questions. You’ll see the insides of other successful consulting businesses, and get feedback on your own. Just make sure to go through the courses so that you join each call prepared to learn and participate!

Facebook Community

When we’re not talking face-to-face, we’re answering each other’s questions in our Consulting School Facebook group. If you have a question about your business, you can get an expert response usually in just a few minutes. Our group consists of consultants in a variety of niches offering lots of perspective. Share your wins, losses, frustrations — feel free to open up. We’re all in this together.

Text Me

As a member of Consulting School you will get 1-on-1 access to me via text. Send me questions you have about your business and I’ll write back with private advice. I try my best to respond back as soon as I get your message.

Real people, real results!

Consulting School is all about getting you results as fast as possible using what I learned scaling my consultancy to multiple 7-figures!

“Before this program I was unsure whether I could truly get clients with a repeatable system. My pricing and process was all over the place. Eric and his team made me comfortable and now I am getting clients in a systematic way!”

- Christian Schmidt (Founder, Digital Effects)

“Eric’s playbooks were the key to breaking the 7 figure mark with my business. I've learned how to focus on acquiring clients that fit my ideal profile and not get distracted by all the shiny objects I was chasing.”

- Edwin Choi (Founder, Jetfuel Agency)

This program truly helped me understand the motivations behind agencies and how to better partner with them.”

- Eli Schwartz (Director of Marketing, Survey Monkey)

“I've been praising and promoting your program to many different businesses and a few friends of mine who work at some large agencies in Boston and for Adidas. They can't believe we're doing a program like this with you. I mentioned to them it's one of our best decisions we ever made.”

- Kham Inthirath (President, Inthink Agency)

About Eric Siu

I’m Eric Siu, owner of the multi 7-figure agency and consultancy, Single Grain. I’m also the co-host of the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel (+1 million downloads), and I publish consulting content seen by millions on my websites, YouTube channel, and social media.

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Consultants that work smarter, win.

Swipe all my templates and winning strategies to boost your prices, and outsource important tasks with complete confidence.

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Meet, bond, and befriend other talented consultants (many doing +7-figures/year).

We all know what you’re going through, the challenges you face, and we’re ready to help.

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