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So you’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on someone else’s blog? Congratulations! Guest Blogging can be a great way to gain exposure, sell yourself, network, and could get you invitations to be a guest blogger on even more blogs. Heck, some writers out there live off of guest blogging alone. To be a successful guest blogger, there are a few things that you need to bring to the table every time, and the tips listed below will give you a great head start. So before you attempt to write your first guest blogging article, check out the advice below to see if all of your bases are covered.

1. Demographics and research. Before you attempt to write for someone else, you need to find out as much about their blog as you possibly can. It’s very important to know who you’re writing for, and what range of topics you can write about. The last thing you want to do as a guest blogger is write something totally irrelevant to the blogs readership and turn people away. Go through their last fifty or so posts, and see which ones were the most popular and widely read. Be unique and write in your own voice, but don’t try and reinvent the wheel. The last thing that the blog owner wants to do is apologize to readers for off topic posts that were written in his or her absence. A good couple of hours of research should do just fine.

2. Stick to your commitment. If you were hired or invited to guest blog while the author of the blog is away for a few days or more, and he/she wants you to write at least three posts per day, then you’d better do it! Put yourself in their shoes. If you were going away and had someone lined up to post three times per day and they didn’t follow the schedule, then you would have a giant mess to clean up when you came back. If you don’t think you can commit to something like this, then you need to politely tell them up front so that they can alter their strategy before they leave. When you guest blog for someone, you are selling your reputation and the blog owner’s reputation at the same time, so you need to bring your “A-game” in every post, and follow the rules to a “T”. Commitment and reliability is half the battle.

3. Readers come first! Sure, guest blogging can be a great way to expose yourself to a brand new audience, but you have to remember that the blogs readers come first in every situation! Don’t plug your latest invention/project/marketing scheme…just write good, helpful content that pertains to the audience at hand. Again, the last thing you want to do is make even one of their loyal readers mad enough to unsubscribe. Being a good guest blogger can bring many benefits to you, the blog owner, and the readers, so when you’re done guest blogging, try to make sure that when you’re done blogging that the blog is in better shape then when you found it. Make a good impression, and you’ll surely be invited to do it again, and possibly for other blogs that see your professionalism.

4. Don’t forget your own blog!
While you’re putting all of the monumental effort into creating great guest posts, it behooves you to make an even bigger effort to maintain your own blog. You see, while you are on a guest blogging assignment, you will naturally attract new readers to your own blog from the blog owner’s reader pool. So when those new readers are curious enough to check out your home blog, you want to make sure that it’s up-to-date and ready to read. Since part of the guest blogging experience is selling yourself, the last thing you want to do is turn away any new readers/subscribers that you might gain over the course of your guest blogging experience. Put out some grade A content on your own blog while you’re guest blogging, and that way you’ll keep the new readers interested and coming back. Remember, be creative but be yourself. Don’t try to be someone your not, because new and old readers will see right through it, every time.

Guest blogging can be a great experience for everyone involved. Following the above tips and advice will ensure that you don’t blow it! Remember, first impressions are everything, and if you bring all of your skills and talent to the table while you guest blog, then you’ll reap the rewards for a long time to come.

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  1. Drew Stauffer

    I think your absolutely right. Guest blogging is a great way to get into new circles.

  2. Gayla McCord

    Great post. With summer setting in and so many looking forward to vacations, there’s going to be lots of guest blogging ops coming up. This is a great reference for anyone considering guest blogging or even looking to bring one on.

  3. George

    I was just reading Gayla’s blog and found your post. Good advice. I just opened up my blog to guest bloggers and it has been a very good experience. I need to try guest blogging for someone else, because I think it can help you pick up new readers.

    Excellent post.

  4. Nathania -

    Great advice! You might be interested in checking out We created it to facilitate introductions among bloggers – and to help them offer and find guest blogging gigs.

    It’s super important to remember the audience you’re writing for – whether on your own blog or during a guest blogging post. Sometimes writing a guest post takes even more effort than writing for yourself. But the payoff can be worth it – because the opportunity to reach new readers is highly valuable.

  5. Sujan Patel

    Gayla & George

    I would love to guest blog on your blogs.

  6. Sujan Patel


    Thanks and is great resource. We are going to be doing a follow up to this post and will definitely list you as a resource.

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    All the best,

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