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Presented by Eric Siu

Starting soon!We're going to show you…

  • How HubSpot went from $0 to $100 million in revenue by using the "Forced Hiring" technique.
  • Unconventional ways to source strong candidates from LinkedIn.
  • Where to actually find world class talent (without having to cross your fingers and hope they'll stumble across your job ad).
  • The "Bad Hire Calculator": What a bad hire really costs your company.
  • Hiring tools we used to build our team.
  • Effective interview questions to let you see through the BS (and avoid bad hires that seem like they're the perfect fit on paper).
  • How to predictably hire A-Players consistently over the long term (even if you don't have a big salary budget or offer exclusive perks).

A few companies we’ve helped grow…

  • Client: Uber
  • Client: Amazon
  • Client: SalesForce
  • Client: Recurly