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This Is How You Build a Multimillion Dollar Agency And Land Clients Like Lyft & Amazon

(And Free Yourself From the 9-5 Grind)

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Here's How The Agency Accelerator Will Transform Your Agency:

Build An Agency To 7 Figures & Beyond by sidestepping the mistakes we made along our 6-year journey of turning a $2 agency into a multi-million industry leader. We’ll show you how we get qualified leads on autopilot and close them effectively.

Create An Agency Foundation That Scales by using proven checklists, processes and templates that will help you hire an all-star team, build a thriving audience and land high-ticket clients WHILE doing less of the actual work and living the life of your dreams.

Save Valuable Time & Resources by focusing on proven strategies and tactics that have been developed from multiple successful 7-10 figure agencies (yes, 10 figure as in ‘billion dollar’ agencies). Everything included has carefully been handpicked so you don’t make the same potentially fatal mistakes.

What's Inside The Agency Accelerator?

  • 4 courses to take your agency to $2M+/year (LIFETIME ACCESS)  
  • Access to ClickFlow Agency Partnership Program (new highly profitable revenue stream for your agency)  
  • 60 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the program

4 Courses Included In The Agency Accelerator

(Click On Chapter Titles To See Additional Details)

▶︎ COURSE 1: How To Transform The Way You Acquire Clients and Maximize Retention 

1.1 Agency Accelerator Course Overview

1.2 - The Foundation of the Client Acquisition System

1.3 - If I Can Do It, You Can Do It...

1.4 - The Progression of Building Consultancy or Agency

1.5 - How to Find Your Zone of Genius

1.6 - Find What Differentiates You From All the Other Consultants or Agencies Out There

1.7 Your Assignment

2.1 How to Sell Overview

2.2 What Sales Really Is: Solving People's Problems

2.3 How to Find Prospects

2.4 Writing a Winning Outbound Script

DOWNLOAD: The Sales Pre-req Worksheet

2.5 Building the Winning Inbound Script

DOWNLOAD: Single Grain Inbound Discovery Call Template

2.6 The Objections You're Sure to Get... and How to Answer Each One

DOWNLOAD: The Sales Objections Swipe File

2.7 How to Be World Class at Sales

2.8 Your Assignment

3.1 Building a Client Acquisition System Overview

3.2 Examples of Successful Client Acquisition Systems

3.3 Organic Client Acquisition

3.4 Paid Client Acquisition

3.5 Starting From Scratch

3.6 How to Build a Repeatable Client Acquisition System

3.7 Business Development

3.8 Building a Sales Operation

DOWNLOAD: Single Grain Inbound Discovery Call Script

3.9 Advanced Acquisition Tactics

DOWNLOAD: Content Reusage Framework

4.1 The Client Experience Overview

4.2 Your Brand Promise

4.3 How to Set and Deliver on Client Expectations

4.4 How to Build an Exceptional Team

4.5 Why Building Systems Is Crucial to Your Success

4.6 Finances: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

4.7 Tools & Automation: Our Favorites

5.1 The Traction Method (Book & Framework)

5.2 Creating a Vivid Vision

DOWNLOAD: Single Grain Vivid Vision

5.3 How to Segment Your Services

5.4 Why Masterminds Are Crucial to Your Success (And Sanity)

5.5 The Tools of the Trade

6.1 Pitfalls to Avoid

6.2 Where Do You Go From Here?

6.3 Mergers and Acquisitions

6.4 Hiring Senior Roles

6.5 Focus on Building Systems and Processes

6.6 Closing Thoughts

▶︎ COURSE 2: How To Build An Inbound Sales Funnel That Acquires Customers On Autopilot With Content Marketing  

2.1 Content Marketing 101

2.2. The ROI of Content Marketing: How to Measure and Generate Short-term and Long-term ROI Through Content Marketing

3.1 Finding Your Unique Style: The 3 Ways to Engage an Audience and Separate Yourself From the Generic Content In Your Space

3.2 Why Build Buyer Personas?

3.3 How to Discover Your Perfect Buyer Personas

3.4 Topic Ideation: Narrow in on the Perfect Content Topics for Your Specific Market

3.5 Keyword Research: Finding the Right Keywords to Focus Your Content On

3.6 How to Speed Up Your Keyword Research

4.1 Why Workflows are Crucial to Content Marketing Success

4.2 Setting Up the Perfect Workflow -- So You Can Pump Out Content Consistently on Multiple Channels, Without Spending Hours and Hours Doing It.

4.3 The Framework That Will 10X Your Content

5.1 The 80/20 Rule of Content Promotion

5.2 How to Promote Content On Your Own Channels

5.3 How to Get Your Content on Outside Publications (i.e. Press Features) -- Even if You Have No Connections

5.4 The Ultimate Content Promo Checklist

6.1 Why Measuring is Managing

6.2 Our Internal Content ROI Formulas

6.3 How to Prove the ROI of Your Content Marketing

6.4 Different Content Metrics You Should Be Tracking (That Most Marketers Miss)

6.5 Content Marketing + SEO: The Organic Traffic Metrics That Matter

6.6 Five Ways to Track Your Website's Revenue

7.1 How to Scale Your Content Marketing Beyond Yourself

7.2 How to Vet World-Class Writers

7.3 A Swipe File of Single Grain's Writer Guidelines

▶︎ COURSE 3: How To Maximize Organic Lead Generation Using Our Complete SEO Playbook

1.1 The Truth About SEO: What Actually Works in Google and Major Ranking Factors

1.2 How We Used SEO to Land Clients Like Uber, Amazon, etc

1.3 Why You Should Master SEO Before Other Marketing Tactics (Like Paid Ads)

2.1 Why Most Keyword Research Strategies Don't Work Anymore

2.2 Buying Top Ranks Ethically: How to Buy Websites That Rank You For Top Keywords

2.3 Advanced Keyword Research Techniques: How to Use Software to Uncover Top Keywords in Any Niche

3.1 How to Create the Right Type of Content, Every Time

3.2 How to Create Content That Stands The Test of Time (So you don't have to doubt whether your content is "good enough" ever again)

3.3 10- Minute Content Hacks to Skyrocket Traffic Consistently and Predictably

4.1 How to Keep Up With Google's Constantly Changing Algorithms - And Anticipate Changes Before They Happen

4.2 The Complete Guide to On-Page SEO Technical Issues (Even If You Don't Have a Developer)

4.3 Off-Page SEO Strategies: How to Build Links, and Leverage YouTube for SEO

4.4 Low-Hanging Fruit: What You Can Do ASAP to Increase Your Search Ranking

4.5 More In-depth Content SEO Practices

5.1 The Basics of On-Page SEO

5.1b More Basics: 9 Simple High ROI SEO Tactics for 2019

5.2 The Basics of Off-Page SEO

5.3 Link Building 101: How to Drive More Backlinks

5.4 Scalable Link-Building Strategies

5.5 YouTube SEO

6.1 Keywords Explorer & Content Explorer

6.2 Ahrefs

6.3 Google Analytics

6.4 Authority Labs

7.1 Why Backlinks Still Matter

7.2 How to Get Quality Backlinks That Help Grow Your SEO Rank

7.3a How to Reach Out to Influencers the Right Way, and Get Them to Share Your Content

7.3b How Influencer Marketing Boosts Your SEO

7.4 How to Steal Your Competitors Backlinks, Rankings, and Traffic

8.1 How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page -- And How You Can Get Traffic From It Even If You Don't Have a "Local Business"

8.2 How to Do a Comprehensive Local SEO Audit

8.3 10 Free Local SEO Tools for Small Businesses

9.1 Effective Ways to Use SEO for Customer


9.2 How SEO Leads to an Awesome Customer Experience

10.1 "Level 99" SEO Strategies to Scale

11.1 What Companies Are Really Looking For When Hiring an SEO Consultant (Or Agency)

12.1 How to Anticipate the Future of SEO

12.2 How to Rank at the Top for Voice Search

▶︎ COURSE 4: How To Build A Team That Will Grow Your Agency Faster Than You

Elon Musk's # 1 Trick for Hiring Great Employees

How to Define Your A-Player Profile

Creating Core Values That Work For You

How to Make Your Company Magnetic to the EXACT Employees You Want

How to Use Trello To Manage Your Hiring Process

Building Your Hiring Funnel Summary + Next Steps

How to Create Magnetic Job Descriptions That Stand Out

How to Find Quality Remote Workers and Virtual Assistants

How to Use Google Forms To Your Recruiting Advantage

The Fastest Way to Find The Best Employees

How to 2x, 3x, or 4x Your Hiring Effectiveness

The Role Scorecard Template

Where to Find Solid Interns, Fast

How to Effectively Find Rockstars Summary + Next Steps

3 Ways to Eliminate Up to 92% of "Bad Fit" Candidates Immediately

7 Ways to Spread Your Postings for Maximum Exposure

How to Utilize Recruiters to Take Your Hiring to The Next Level

Introduction to LinkedIn Recruiter

The Beginner's Guide to ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter Advanced Tips

5 Ways to Go 'Wider' with Interview Questions

6 Rock Solid Open Ended Interview Questions

9 Illegal Hiring Questions To Avoid

9 Red Flag Responses That Warn You Of The Wrong Candidate

How to Conduct the First Interview

How to Find the Serious Candidates Using This Form

How to Get A Read On A Candidate's True Intentions Quickly

Why You Should ALWAYS Use Roadblocks In the Application Process

The First Interview Summary + Next Steps

Background Check Tips (and How to Do Them)

Generic Offer Letter Template

How to Conduct Follow Up Interviews

How to Conduct the Final Interviews

How to Structure Your Offer

The Importance of Reference Checking (and How to Do It)

The Trial

Follow Up Interviews & The Decision Summary + Next Steps

The Cost of a Bad Hire

9 Signs That It's Time to Fire

Employee Warning E-Mail Template

How to Fire

Firing Funnel Summary + Next Steps

DOWNLOAD: 96 Ready to Go Interview Questions

How to Hire Interns Using The HUMAN Method

DOWNLOAD: 30-60-90 Day Plan for Millenials

Guaranteed ROI -- or your money back. No questions asked. I stand by a 60-day, no questions asked refund guarantee IF you've finished the entire course and still feel like you're not getting value out of it.

ClickFlow Agency Partner Program


ClickFlow is an SEO split testing tool we built to growth hack our organic traffic. We're gradually making the tool available to the public and are giving early acccess to our Agency Accelerator program. 

ClickFlow let's you A/B tests page titles and meta descriptions across your website to maximize organic traffic and also identifies the best opportunities for SEO split testing on your website. 


  • Offer SEO split testing as a new high margin service to your clients.  
  • Get 20% lifetime comission for any clients who use ClickFlow  
  • Grow organic traffic on your website with a new tactic none of your competitors are using  
  • Used by companies like LeadPages, Drip, The Atlantic and more

What Agency Accelerator Students Think

“Before this program I was unsure whether I could truly get clients with a repeatable system. My pricing and process was all over the place. Eric and his team really made me comfortable and now I am getting clients in a systematic way!” 

- Christian Schmidt

“Eric’s playbooks were the key to breaking the 7 figure mark with my business. I've learned how to focus on acquiring clients that fit my ideal profile and not get distracted by all the shiny objects I was chasing.”  

- Edwin Choi

“This program truly helped me understand the motivations behind agencies and how to better partner with them.”  

- Eli Schwartz, Director of Growth, SurveyMonkey

“I've been praising and promoting your accelerator program to many different businesses and a few friends of mine who work at some large agencies in Boston and for Adidas. They can't believe we're doing a program like this with you. I mentioned to them it's one of our best decisions we ever made.  

- Kham Inthirath, President, Inthink Agency


- Joshua Chin, Chronos Agency

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We offer a payment plan where you can spread your payment out over 5 months to reduce the upfront cost of the program. If you prefer to make smaller monthly payments, just select the payment plan option once you reach the check out page.

The Agency Accelerator is your peek behind the Single Grain curtain, showing you the systems and frameworks I've used to resurrect a failing marketing agency into a multi-million dollar company by using a singular playbook that has worked over and over for us and our clients.

Clients like Salesforce, Lyft and Nordstrom.

And look, I get it: there's a ton of material and noise out there about how people supposedly built this amazing agency. Then when you actually look into it, it's the same regurgitated content over and over.

In The Agency Accelerator, I give you the tactics I used to build a multimillion dollar agency… ALL of them. From helping you find your Zone of Genius, to determining your differentiators, to sales script swipe files, you'll get all the exercises I did and the frameworks I used to build my agency. As I said before, I'm not special. I just learned through blood, sweat and tears on how to differentiate Single Grain, build the kind of audience that made clients find me how to hire the right people and how to close people without being sleazy.

You'll also learn about how you can get our SEO and Content Marketing courses, agency strategy consultations, and a proprietary technology that your 'competitors' aren't using (that will help you increase your revenue even more).

If you're skeptical, I get it. The thing is, I've done what you're hoping to do -- make my own hours, work with awesome clients, and hire a remarkable team using these EXACT tactics. I have my amazing team to show for it, our incredible clientele, and our beautiful office overlooking Downtown Los Angeles. Here's my promise to you: if you put in the hard work and consume everything that we give you and you STILL don't find any value, we'll give you your money back within 60 days as long as you show us your work.

If you are already getting paid for skills that you have and aren't living life on your own terms, ask yourself what needs to change. What are you missing?

In the beginning, I was fraught with uncertainty and fear. Paralysis, to be exact.

If I had resources by my side from people that have taken the journey before, I would've been much more confident and I'm sure I could have accelerated my results tenfold.

At the end of the day, this is only a question you can answer. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

The program is designed for any business in the services, consulting, or coaching space. You'll learn our strategies and tactics for landing and retaining our ideal clients and how to maximize profits while servicing them.

Although the program is called 'Agency Accelerator', any business in the services, consulting or coaching space can use these playbooks to take their business to the next stage of growth.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?  

Send an email to [email protected]

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