Friday Night Links: The Key to Keywords

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The first time you had to pick keywords to focus your SEO efforts, you probably didn't have to think to hard. But are the most obvious keywords the best ones? Here are some impressive ways to use a multitude of tools to understand which keywords are the best for your business, and find new longtail search terms that you might not have come up with.

Also today are a few defenses of SEO and pointing out some common mistakes online, as well as a variety of other useful posts. Dive in!

Keywords and Link Building

Are You Selecting Your Keywords for the Right Reasons? (via Search Engine Journal)
Here are the best metrics to look at to decide which keywords to target.

Keywords Forensics: Research Search Terms That Others Miss (via Search Engine Watch)
Use SEO to find out the questions that people are asking… and then answer them!

The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research (via Viper Chill)
Lots of charts, graphs, opinions, and past experiences. Focus on long-tail, use lots of tools, keep working at it.

A New Perspective on Link Building (via SEOmoz)
It's not about link building, it's about relationship building – and all the links that come with it.

Turning Writers Into Linkbait Ninjas: Resources, Tips, & Pitfalls (via Blue Glass)
Even if you hire a professional writer, they might not be ready and able to make the quality linkbait you want.

SEO Mistakes

How Do You Convince SEO Naysayers? (via Outspoken Media)
You've probably heard them – people, even people who work on the internet, who claim that SEO is not an important skill. Here's what to say.

Things The Common Folk Do Not Grok About Search (via SEO Theory)
It can be hard to show people the benefits of SEO – many are still suspicious and don't understand it.

What NOT To Do On Local Business Websites (via Search Engine Land)
Even local business sites need to follow modern internet conventions or risk being ignored by potential customers.

Other Useful links

HOW TO: Get a Google Places Label (via Internet Exposure)
Is your business name shown when someone is viewing the area in Google Maps?

5 Creative Facebook Pages (via Jeff Bullas)
Check out 5 Facebook landing pages which inspire people to interact with them.

5 Ways To Create Social Landing Pages That Convert (via Unbounce)
Are you ready to greet visitors with pages tailored to them and where they are coming from?

Popular Facebook Pages Have Fewer Unique Page Views Per Fan, Most Engagement is in the News Feed (via Inside Facebook)
With numbers to back up the movement to focus on your News Feed appearances.

Investing in a Start-up Blog (via Bruce Clay)
If you are striving to create a successful blog, here are ways to invest in it – and what you shouldn't depend on (like your ego).

This Week on Single Grain

The Ultimate List of Facebook Apps
Which apps do you need for your business? (hint: not Cityville).

9 Companies Doing Facebook Right
Get some inspiration for your Facebook page with these examples.

Social Gaming: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly [Infographic] Check out a breakdown of social gaming and how widespread it is.

42 Useful Google Search Tricks
How many different types of results can you get from Google? Quite a few!

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