Friday Night Links: Our First Edition

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It’s Friday! Take time to have some fun while (or after) you check out some of the links from around the SEO industry this week. Check out a few technical tips, some ideas for new content, and lots of great information! This will be the first of many of our “Friday Night Links.”

Why Won't Google Use My META Description? (via SEOmoz)

A good explanation of how and when Google uses meta descriptions, and a few ideas of ways to change the search results so that your carefully-written meta tags will appear.

Focus on Adding Value (via SEOBook)

Back to basics during a recession: this article discusses ideas to really make a difference for your customers. When you go above and beyond addressing your clients’ felt needs, you can learn more and improve your own knowledge base as well.

6 Content Tips: How To Write When You Have Nothing To Write About (via Search Engine Land)

Content can be a hard balance to strike – you want your website to be complete as it is, but you also want to keep adding more content to keep it fresh. Though a blog can be a solution to these problems, this article suggests other content to add, including product specifications and a frequently asked questions page.

SEO is a Writer’s Profession Now (via Search Engine Journal)

Adding content to your own page isn’t the only important role of a writer in SEO. This post mentions writing guest posts, being active on social media, and using article marketing as some of the writing roles that can generate significant backlinks.

7 Ways to Use Raven for Link Building (via Distilled)

Want to learn about a specific tool to use? Try this article about Raven internet marketing tools. It looks like this tool is used primarily to organize people: contacts, personas, and team members. If you are part of a multi-person SEO effort, this tool might be a useful one for you.

5 Things Businesses Should Know about SEO Agencies (via Bruce Clay, Inc.)

Even when you have in-house SEO specialists, there are some important things that are unique about SEO Agencies. By working with an SEO agency, you can have access to specialized tools and industry standards, as well as some observations about universal search trends.

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