We’re Hiring: Data And Analytics Intern

Job Description

Data and Analytics/Administrative Internship, Single Grain, LLC

Single Grain is seeking a Data and Analytics/Administrative Intern to work part-time (20 hours/week) with the team (potential for full-time work may occur in the future).

Strategic Objectives

  • Assist the Single Grain team with creating exceptional digital marketing reports for SEO/PPC/Content Marketing clients.
  • Handle administrative responsibilities needed to facilitate the smooth operation of client digital marketing campaigns and office management.

Primary Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Creating Digital Marketing Reports: Utilize analytics and digital marketing tools to create weekly and monthly reports for our clients
  • Data and Analytics Tasks: Learn how to use analytical platforms such as Google Analytics to gather and interpret data in order to help improve digital marketing strategy for clients. Study to become Google Analytics certified to be able to create goals and funnels in Google analytics.
  • Administrative Support: Assist the San Francisco team in an administrative capacity as needed.  May include shipping goodies, ordering food, ordering business cards, scheduling office cleaning, etc 

Ideal Candidate – the right person for the job will:

  • Be motivated and seeking to gain experience in the digital marketing field
  • Be highly organized with tremendous attention to detail. Be anal retentive about meeting client deadlines.
  • Be creative and proactive. We are looking for someone who likes to think outside of the box to solve problems
  • Be able to work quickly and efficiently, yet thoroughly.  Be able to work “hands off” and take charge of assigned tasks.


  • Resume and portfolio building experience
  • Learning first-hand from industry leader
  • Google analytics training and certification
  • Potential to advance to a full-time paid position following the successful completion of the internship.


  • Part-time availability (15-20 hours a week)
  • Able to receive school credit.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks and projects
  • Understanding of digital marketing and content marketing specifically
  • GPA at least 3.0
  • Interactive media, marketing, advertising majors preferred
  • Required at least a 3 month commitment
  • In the San Francisco area

Things We Are Not Looking For: 

  • Fun haters
  • Idea crushers/Creativity killers
  • Mediocrity
  • People who say “Good enough.”
  • Tech haters
  • Naysayers
  • Blamers

If you read this entire job description and you feel like you’re the gal/guy for the job, email your résumé to Paige@singlegrain.com


  1. By the end of the internship, this person should be Google Analytics Individually Qualified and start testing out goals in Google analytics
  2. Be able to create any type of report for a client and help with half the workload
  3. Have a better understanding of how digital marketing can benefit a company. This includes a broad knowledge of SEO, PPC, Content and Social Media Marketing

Screening Questions

  1. Email Paige (at) singlegrain (dot) com with the subject “I Friggin Love Data”
  2. Summarize yourself in 140 characters or less
  3. Answer this, “Why do you want this internship?”
  4. And this “If you had to choose a superhero to represent you, who would it be and why?”
  5. Attach an interesting resume or link to your portfolio or most interesting web presence
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