The Top 10 SEO Plugins

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Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress v2 Final

This plugin will make an XML-sitemap for your WordPress Blog. Many describe an XML-sitemap as “Google sitemap”, but Yahoo and MSN also want XML sitemaps. Once your sitemap is created you want to make sure to submit it to Google.


  • This plugin is WordPress 2 compatible
  • Has a user interface that allows you to customize all parameters like change frequencies, exclusions, priorities etc.
  • Available in fourteen languages
  • Generates a static XML file in your Blog directory (Filename is customizable)
  • Can generate a gzipped version of the sitemap
  • Generates a sitemap for homepage, posts, static pages, categories and archive pages
  • Calculates a priority for each post, based on the number of comments, but this can be turned off
  • The XML file is automatically rebuilt when you change, edit, create or publish a post
  • The sitemap lets Google know about changes automatically via Google-Ping
  • You can include external pages which aren’t generated by WordPress or are not recognized by this plugin. So, you can add the home page of your business and the search engines will know that your blog and your business site are linked.
  • You can define a minimum post priority, which will override the calculated value if it’s too low
  • The plugin includes a WordPress filter for other plugins

Visit to download.

All-in-One SEO Pack

The all-in-one SEO pack creates boxes that will allow you to create custom title-tags, keywords and a description for every post and page. You can also choose to let the plugin automatically generate these areas for you.

More importantly, this plugin can prevent the search engines from indexing categories, archives and more to prevent duplicate content. This is a “must have” plugin for optimization.

SEO Title Tag 2.0 RC2

The SEO Title Tag plugin allows you to easily create effective title-tags for every page and post on your blog. Title-tags are a crucial part of optimization. Every blog and/or web site needs optimized title-tags and this plugin allows you to personally create them.

  • Allows you to override the title-tag WordPress automatically makes for your pages and posts and replace them with a custom one.
  • A Title Tag input box in the “Edit Post” and “Write Post” forms.
  • Mass editing of title tags for all posts, static pages, category pages, tag pages, tag conjunction pages and archive by month pages.
  • You can define a custom title tag for your home.
  • You can define the title tag of 404 error pages.
  • It can handle your internal search result pages.
  • For users of the UltimateTagWarrior plugin (which should be everybody!), incorporates the tag name into the title tag on “tag pages”
  • When you use this plugin with Ultimate Tag Warrior you can customize the title-tags on tag pages and on tag conjunction pages too. provides the plugin.

Ultimate Tag Warrior

This plugin is not the easiest to use. There is even a support forum of it. The Ultimate Tag Plugin allows you to creatively use multiple tags and you can include them at the top and bottom of your posts. AJAXy search is included in the download. For a more in-depth explanation of this plugin please visit the Ultimate Tag Warrior.

SEO WordPress

The SEO WordPress Plugin was designed with search engine spiders in mind. The creator wanted to help bloggers avoid the supplemental index. A combination of Robots.txt and noindexis used. For more information visit

Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin

This plugin uses a 301 redirect if a requested URL is different from an entry’s or archive’s permalink. This eliminates more than one URL being associated with a specific blog entry. has more information and downloads.

Static Front Page

This plugin allows you to use a static page as the front/home page of your WordPress site. The blog becomes a blog page. Another bonus, your home page is removed from page lists and permalinks your blog’s URL to help avoid duplicate content. You can download the plugin and visit a forum for any help you need at

Search Meter Plugin

The Search Meter Plugin will help you keep track of what your visitors are searching for, if your blog features a search box. It keeps a record for you and breaks down the results by days, weeks or months. You will also be told how many searches were unsuccessful and you can feature the most popular searches for your readers. No configuration is necessary. features the plugin.

Akismet-Comment Spam Blocker

Akismet has a great reputation because it stops spam from appearing in your comments. Most of the time, the spam comments include many keywords and links to questionable sites. It is a great plugin that requires very little effort on your part and at the same time it eliminates a lot of frustration and comments that could hurt your blog, optimization wise. If you have a WordPress blog you need to download Akismet.


This plugin redirects an ordinary feed from self-hosted WordPress blogs to a much more powerful FeedBurner feed. When you use the FeedBurner feed you are able to track your subscribers. Comment feeds and post feeds are both forwarded. Please visit FeedBurner for more information and facts from the creator, Steve Smith.

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