Social Media and Social Bookmarking Sites You Need to Know

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Tapping into social media and social bookmarking is quickly becoming a critical element to any site promotion plan. But when it comes to using these sites, how do you know which ones are worth using – and which ones are just a waste of time?

Today, I'll dissect the major players and give you a quick recap of how to make the most of them!

Wikipedia – Wikipedia and other wikis are treated like gold when it comes to Google rankings. In short, if you can get some long term links from wikis and Wikipedia specifically, you won't have any problems ranking in the engines.

YouTube – Now that YouTube is a Google property, you can bet everything you own that it'll play out as a necessary tool to comprehensive marketing plans. Videos used on your site and added to the YouTube network, along with descriptive tags and commentary, will go a long way in helping out your Google rankings.

MySpace / Facebook – These powerhouses (and others in the same mold) are traffic goldmines. Creative use of their features like comments, friends, groups and blogs can all tie into making your web sites more successful. Here's a tip: For every site you're trying to market, go ahead and open up a new profile for it on these sites. It'll allow you to have an offsite factor in rankings and traffic, and will help to personalize the site a bit.

Digg / Reddit – These news aggregators are two of the most popular available. There are people who do nothing but submit and Digg stories all day long. That alone should tell you how much value is out there – but here's the kicker: Using these services and encouraging others to tap your RSS feeds is an instant way to upgrade your inbound link campaigns.

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon allows you to quickly “stumble” your way onto sites that match your preferences. A handy toolbar add on for IE and FireFox also allows you to post opinions more quickly. In turn, you're leaving your fingerprint all over the ‘Net and allowing others to find their way back to you.

There are other players out there, but if you can begin to use the above to help your cause, your overall web site marketing plan will go a lo

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